Kurumi Whomping (くるみフームピング Kurumi Fūmupingu) is Kurumi's Level 2 Secret Ninja Art and it appears in Senran Kagura: Spectrum Versus.

Attack InfoEdit

Kurumi takes out her kanabōs Kana-nee and Kana-imo then she repeatedly hits her enemies with them. She finishes the attack by summoning her guardian while it holds Kana-imo and she holds Kana-nee, delivering the final blow. Then her guardian returns Kana-imo to Kurumi before it departs.


  • The attack's name has "Kurumi" in it.
    • This is her only attack that has her name in it.
  • The attack shows similarities to her Level 1 Secret Ninja Art Kaboom-chan Barrage.
    • Both attacks have a finishing blow.
  • The attack also shows similarities to Murakumo's Daigorō Cut.
    • Both attacks have the user give one of their weapons to their guardian.
    • Both attacks have the user and their guardian fight together.
  • The attack was shown in Episode ???.

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