くるみ Kurumi
SeasonSenran Kagura: Spectrum Versus
Eye ColorDark blue
Hair ColorYellow
Home Place???
RelativesMother and Father
First AppearanceEpisode 1
Theme ColorPink and white
Japanese Voice ActorIkue Ōtani
English Voice ActorTara Strong

Kurumi (くるみ Kurumi) is a main character of the series Senran Kagura: Spectrum Versus.


Normal FormEdit

Kurumi has light skin, shoulder-length yellow hair with bangs tied in pigtails, and dark blue eyes. She wears a white and pink T-shirt, and light pink and white skirt with a pink ribbon, a pair of dark pink and pink striped thigh-high stockings, and a pair of pink boots.

Shinobi FormEdit

Kurumi's Shinobi Form

Kurumi's appearance stays the same in her shinobi form. Her outfit changes to a short-sleeved pink and white shirt with white shorts and white and pink sneakers.


Kurumi has an energetic and happy-go-lucky nature, and ends her sentences with "~kuru". At first appearance, Kurumi is an extremely talkative and nosy girl, always interrupting and eavesdropping others. She is also impatient at times and wants things done immediately; if she feels that it takes too long for something to happen, she usually will make it happen by doing something reckless. Kurumi is easily distracted and even, at times, forgetful.

Despite her faults, Kurumi is a friendly, hard working girl who believes strongly in the "no excuses, no limits" philosophy. Kurumi has a low tolerance for people who make excuses for themselves or for others, or people who make limits for themselves or for others. She uses her energetic, impulsive nature in her fighting style. When fighting, Kurumi purposely runs and bounces around to taunt her opponents and to see if they could land any attacks on her. She sees fighting as a high-intensity, high-energy game.

Kurumi, as a leader, cares for her friends and attends to their wants and needs. She feels that it is her duty to lead them so they can be instilled with hope and joy, and not fall into despair and sadness. The reason for this is because she was bullied as a child because the other children thought that she was nothing more than a troublemaker due to having ADHD even though all that she wanted was to have friends. This made her feel very sad and fell into a deep state of despair until Kuroiko stood up for her and wanted to be her friend. Kurumi saw Kuroiko as a symbol of hope for her, so she decided that she will be a symbol of hope to others and believes that no one deserves to be hopeless.


Kurumi was diagnosed with ADHD at a young age. Her parents pretended to be blissfully unware of her condition when they were around her so that she could have a somewhat normal life. In elementary school, she was bullied due to being seen as a childish annoyance by the other kids even though she only wanted to make friends. Then Kuroiko, her neighbor, stood up for her and became her friend. Even though Kurumi and Kuroiko were neighbors, they did not meet nor became friends until that incident. Kuroiko inspired Kurumi to be symbol of hope for others when they were in despair. From that day on, Kurumi's parents stopped pretending to be blissfully unware of her condition when they were around her; they were fully aware of and accepted her having ADHD with the good, the bad, and the quirks of it.


Kuroiko - Kurumi and Kuroiko have been best friends since they were children. They have an extremely close bond and they do Fire Dancing, as well as other activities, together.

Miyuki - Kurumi and Miyuki are close friends. Kurumi helps Miyuki on the Path of True Happiness.

Yumeko - Kurumi and Yumeko are close friends. Kurumi encourages Yumeko to be herself and supports her.

Hisoka - Kurumi and Hisoka are good friends. They get along well with each other.

Fighting StyleEdit

Kurumi's fighting style is a cross between Ryōna's and Hakufu's fighting styles. She uses her cannon nicknamed "Kaboom-chan" and knobbed kanabōs or clubs nicknamed "Kana-nee" and "Kana-imo" for her attacks. She blasts and bashes her enemies with cannonballs and quick, powerful strikes in succession. Kurumi is fast and light on her feet, which catches her enemies off-guard. Her attacks utilize the power of light.


Duo AttacksEdit

  • Fire Dance of the Sheep and Basan - Kurumi's and Kuroiko's Secret Fusion Ninja Art
  • Big Joyful Explosion - Kurumi's and Miyuki's Secret Fusion Ninja Art
  • Dreamy Whomp - Kurumi's and Yumeko's Secret Fusion Ninja Art
  • Windy Spindle - Kurumi's and Hisoka's Secret Fusion Ninja Art


  • Kurumi's blood type is B.
  • Her zodiac is Aries and her birthday is on April 19.
  • Her hobbies are spinning around in circles and Fire Dancing.
  • Her favorite food is anpan.
  • She has no least favorite food.
  • Her weapons are her cannon Kaboom-chan and kanabōs Kana-nee and Kana-imo.
    • Kana-nee is slightly larger than Kana-imo.
    • Her favorite weapon is Kaboom-chan.
  • Her guardian is a sheep.
  • She is right-handed.
  • Kurumi's name means walnut.
  • Kurumi shares the same seiyuu and verbal tic as Candy from Smile Pretty Cure!.
    • She also shares the same voice actress and similar hairstyle as Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls.

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