Kotoba no Kengen
('Kotoba no Kengen')
NetworkTV Tokyo
Original RunJanuary 10, 2015
Opening SongAi Kotoba
Ending SongThe power of words


Meng Yao is a cute and kind boy, in his school, he is very handsome as said by a lot of girls in the school. When he was little he used the power of words to do somethings (like taking his plush by saying the word take), he is a Yāncí Master (lit. Master of Words), he manipulates words and can transform them into weapons. He met a spirit who becamed his Shèng Bīngqí (sacred weapon) he met Jian Yu a spirit who's kanji (or pinyin) Húdié Shūangdāo (chinese Butterfly Swords). He can transform spirits into weapons by the only thing of using the power of words, he masterizes it like kids' toys. With his best friends Feng he tries to stop Jian Jun to uses the negative force of words to manipulate people.


Yáncí MastersEdit

  • Color: Lime Green

Meng Yao is a kind, handsome (as said by a lot of girls) and a powerful Yáncí Master, since his childhood he manipulate words, he can transform them into weapons and use this ability to transform his spirits into weapons. Since he knows that he trains hard to masterizes his abilities better, Jian Jun wants his powers because he is aware that only a powerful Yáncí Master like him can use his abilities to transform spirits into weapons. He is a good friend of Feng, an E-class Master who tries to level up but has difficulties, with the help of Meng Yao he tries to be better, Feng and Meng Yao are childhood friends and shares lots of common points. Feng with his little sister Li Qin, learns to use their Yáncí powers, with Meng Yao and his sister Lan and his little brother Ming Yu masters of Yáncí too. They fight all together to stop Jian Jun's plan of using his powers to manipulate every living thing with the bad use of his main word manipulation. He uses his powers for good and his at the best rank of the Master Classes, he trains his sister and brother and Feng and Li Qin so they are all well prepared to defeat Jian Jun.

  • Color: Purple

Spirits: Mei Xiang,Mei Feng,Chen Guang,Dai Yu,Li Fen,Guo Wei,Wei Sheng,Yun.

Lan is the little sister of Meng Yao, she's at the S-Class of her Yáncí powers, she's also a powerful psychic and like her little brother she's a powerful master of telekinesis. Lan is really beautiful, she's wanted by lots of boys in her school and is very popular, but the popularity doesn't matter to her. She's also very smart and loves fashion, she likes doing fashion sketches and doing the clothes, her mother learn her how to sew. When she's not wearing her uniform, she's wearing traditional clothing and mostly qipaos, she's very beautiful and likes Meng Yao like saying, she's the spitting image of her mother. She loves playing with her little brother and Meng Yao, Lan also holds a strong passion for flowers and takes her psychic training seriously. She's a half Hua Master, she can manipulate flowers/plants and have a special connection with nature and like Cha Hua is a strong Hua Master.

  • Color: Jade green

Spirits: Qing,Guang,Ying,Hua Ling.

Ming Yu is the little brother of Meng Yao and Lan, he is empathic and can detect the lies of someone in front of him, he is at the same school with them. He likes training with his them, he is very smiling and is a good boy, he is very cute and and cheerful as described by his family and friends. He is skilled at drawing with chinese paint, he likes arts and his incredibly skilled, being the one chosen to be the Artistic Club's president despite having an age restriction (he's 12 while the required age is 15). As an empath he can feel the emotions/feelings of others and can manipulate them (like manipulating hope to create weapons). He is clairempathic and can at once hear the emotions of all persons in once, it needs concentration and a good manipulation of his other powers to manipulate this one. Since his childhood he carries a little white bunny wich he affectionally calls Ming Yu Jr. he always has it in the pocket of his coats and hug it everytime, everyone at school finds it cute. When he is determined for something, its easy to notice it and puts lots of efforts in what he do.

Shēng MastersEdit

  • Color: Red

Feng is the older brother of Li Qin, they can both manipulate sounds and can transforms spirits into music instruments who are his main weapons. Since his childhood, he with Li Qin are good friends of Meng Yao (wich he nicknames Meng), Lan and Ming Yu and now trains with them. They share lots of common points all four and when Feng met Meng Yao's girlfriend Cha Hua, who's also a Yáncí Master and a Hua Master (a master of flowers) they formed all seven a group to beat Jian Jun. He is a very caring older brother and loves his sister, since they are little they practice music instruments and mostly flute and chinese luth. He's also popular among girls and with his sister are co-presidents of the music club.

  • Color: Red

Li Qin is the little sister of Feng, she's good at playing harp and is very close to Feng, she's in love with a guy in her class and Feng heavily advices her to talk to him. She's extremely shy and doesn't talk much, she's a good friend of Lan and Cha Hua, she looks very sociable but is to shy to make other friends. This guy : Hai is a Shui Master (master of water) and is deeply in love with her but she learn that he has a girlfriend, but after he saved her from the misdeeds of Jian Jun, he started develop feelings for her. He dumped his ex-girlfriend for her and she wanted her revenge but Hai stopped her before. She started being less shy and her friends gave her the status of "social butterfly" and his happy to be with the one she loves, Feng and everyone are very happy for her.

Hua MastersEdit

  • Color: Pastel Pink

Cha Hua is a cute girl, she is the girlfriend and childhood friend of Meng Yao, he loves her and cares a lot for her, she is a strong Hua Master and doesn't have normal spirits: she has tree spirits. She's a traditional chinese girl and loves tea and mochis, she's at the Gardening Club with Lan who's half a Hua Master and they share strong bonds, she also loves Ming Yu and finds him very cute. She knows a lot about flower language and possesses the power to communicate with plants, she's also good at flower pressing. She is also very close to Li Qin and with Lan they are bestfriends and are always together, with the boys they trains very hard with the help of Meng and Dong Hai who's an experienced Element Master. She deeply loves Meng Yao and all of her friends and will do everything to protect them.

Shui MastersEdit

  • Color: Blue

Hai is the last to join the group, he was with another girl until he found ou that he has feelings for Li Qin, coincidencially they almost have the same powers but don't use the same elements : she uses sound and he manipulates water. He is very protective and becamed a good friend of Meng, Lan, Ming Yu, Cha Hua and his girlfriend's older brother Feng, Feng didn't feel any jealousy towards him and they share lots of common points. He is very sociable and his wanted by a lot of girls, his ex-girlfriend wanted to take revenge of him and tried multiple times to harass Li Qin but Hai stopped her. He is a very good guy and everyone was surprised to hear that he is a relative of Jian Jun, their enemie, he hates him and want to take revenge of him because he almost killed his parents and Li Qin.

Ying MasterEdit

  • Color: Dark purple-red

Jian Jun is the enemy of the group, he is a distant relative of Hai, but doesn't resent his cousin but has an urge of torturing and manipulating. He is very manipulative and uses the powers of the dark elements and dark yánci (the power of dark words), he can use five shadows as his weapons and can harm people just by injuring their shadows. Jian Jun want to use Meng Yao, so he can have an SS-Class yáncí master under his control. He also wants to have the entire group under his control, so he will have the strongest masters as his "army", he wants Li Qin for him so he can make his cousin suffering. Meng Yao tries to convince him to stopaking people suffering but he still wants to have the entire word under his control but Meng Yao and Hai persists in making him better.


The spirits are seen by the masters, since a lot of years, they are assisting them and due to the bond between the master and the spirits (called Guishén) they have special powers. They can manipulate the Wú Xing (it means Fire, Water, Wood, Earth and Metal) and are meant to protect their masters. They can be seen wandering in streets, parks and everywhere else and only the Masters can "look" after them.

Master ClassesEdit

Yáncí MastersEdit

They can use the power of words qnd can also manipulate the chi, the spirit's essence, they are born with special powers and all comes from a line of masters, they can also manipulate elements. The best known clan of Yáncí is the Zháng Clan.

Shēng MastersEdit

The Shēng Masters can manipulate sound at their will, they can shape it and use it as a weapon. They don't manipulate elements but are very skilled at music as they can empower them just by hearing music. The best known clan of Shēng Masters is the Feng Clan.

Hua MastersEdit

They can manipulate plants and have sort of a special connection with them, they have powers related to nature and can also manipulate animals. They use kanjis who are only related to flowers/plants. The best known clan is the Wú Clan.

Shui MastersEdit

They can manipulate water, they can also manipulate ice and can shape water as weapons and also can manipulate the density of water. The best known clan of Shui Masters is the Sung Clan.


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