ナイト Naito
SeasonHappy! Prince PreCure
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBlack with blue ombre
Home PlacePegasus Kingdom
RelativesQueen Aurora (Mother)

Princess Tiara (Twin sister)

Japanese Voice ActorShimura Tomoyuki (Japanese)
English Voice ActorChristopher Sabat (Funimation)

Kirk Thornton (Saban Dub)

Knight (ナイト Naito?) is one of the main mascots from the series Happy! Prince PreCure. He is the older twin brother of Princess Tiara as well as the son of Queen Aurora. He is the Royal Guard of the Pegasus Kingdom.


Knight is a five-tailed wolf with a silver coat and a blue ombre. He has blue eyes and sports a blue Tanzanite pendant on the center of his chest.

His true form is a tall handsome young man with long black hair with a blue ombre and the same blue eyes, He wears a blue jacket with a standing collar and a white jabot tie secured by the same Tanzanite pendant, he wore in his mascot form. He wears a black buckled belt around his waist, dark blue pants with golden linings, white gloves, and black knee-length boots with folds on the top. He is equipped with a sword holsted on his belt, and sports fang-like teeth.


Knight is a brave warrior, and the older twin of Princess Tiara and the son of Queen Aurora. He is the Royal Guard of the Pegasus Kingdom and leads the other guards to battle Queen Tempest. He is very serious, but very kind-hearted. He is overprotective of Tiara, and went to go find her after discovering that she has went to Earth. Knight has a weakness for food, especially Japanese curry and fast food.



Princess Tiara - Knight's younger twin sister. He is very overprotective of her and often worries about her duty as the future ruler of the Pegasus Kingdom.

Queen Aurora - Knight's mother and Queen of the Pegasus Kingdom

Kiken Eagle - Knight is shown to have feelings for Eagle and often rescues him when in a pinch.



The name Knight is derived from the word "knight", which is a person, mostly males who fight their enemies in a suit of armor, equipped with swords.


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