Kitty Mew Mew
(Kiti Myuu Myuu)
Original RunOctober 2014 -
Episodes25 Episodes
Opening SongSakura Love
Ending SongMiracle Waku Waku

Kitty Mew Mew (キティミュウミュウ Kiti Myuu Myuu?) is a Tokyo Mew Mew Fan Series, created by FairySina. Different then the original Tokyo Mew Mew Series, Kitty Mew Mew has only one Mew who fights against the evil, to protect the earth.


Mew MewEdit

Umeki Madoka (梅木まどか Umeki Madoka?)
Madoka is the main Character and Mew Mew Fighter from this season. Madoka is the youngest in her family. She has five siblings. Madoka is currently looking for a job to earn some money, for the dream she has since she was 10. Madoka transforms into the Kitty Mew Mew at the same day, as she finds that little Café. Her Mew Alter ego is Mew Vanilla (ミューバニラ Myū Banira?).


Hayashi Ringo (林リンゴ Hayashi Ringo?)
The graceful owner of Café Ichigo Pudding. She met Madoka, and offered her a jod in her Café. Ringo and her friends, are working on their own Mew Mew Project.

Ryokka Nashi (緑花ナシ Ryokka Nashi?)
Nashi is part of Ringo's Kitty Mew Mew Project. He works at Café Ichigo Pudding, just like Madoka.

Kitty (キティ Kiti?)
Kitty is an important part of Ringo's Mew Mew Project.


Azumi Hime (安曇 緋姫 Azumi Hime?)
Hime is a young alien who attacks Madoka and the earth. Hime is not older than 13. Also, Hime is the leader of the aliens in Kitty Mew Mew.

Other CharactersEdit

Umeki Kokoro (梅木 こころ Umeki Kokoro?) & Umeki Gorou (梅木 ごろう Umeki Gorō?)
Kokoro and Gorou are Madoka's parents.



Episode ListEdit

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