Kita Hikari
北ヒカリ Kita Hikari
Hikari full profile
SeasonMahou Shoujo Alumi
Eye ColorBrown (Hikari)
Hair ColorOrange (Hikari)
Home PlaceKiramachi
First AppearanceAct 1: The Birth of a New Warrior!
Alter EgoAlumi
Japanese Voice ActorMatsuki Miyu (anime)

Honda Tsubasa (live-action)

Kita Hikari (北ヒカリ Kita Hikari) is the main and titular character of Mahou Shoujo Alumi.



The main protagonist of the series. Hikari is a 13-year-old student in her first year of junior high. She's quite clumsy, and is often late to many places. Nevertheless, she's the brightest in many situations and is always willing to help. Once she first transforms into Alumi, she realizes she has a talent when it comes to fighting evil.


She's Kita Hikari, a 13-year-old student who recently started her first year at the All Girls' Christian Academy! She's pretty much clumsy, and can often be late to many places, but she's often the one who solves a situation or conflict and the brightest student. And not only that, but she's also the robotic magical girl Alumi!


Warrior of justice! Magical Girl Alumi!
Seigi no senshi! Mahō Shōjo Arumi!

Alumi (アルミ Arumi) is the form that Hikari transforms into. Her powers appear to be based on light and miracles, but her attacks remain unnamed.

In this form, she has golden metallic skin with two thick pieces of metal styled into pigtails by light blue bands. She has black eyes with a white face. She wears a white strapless metal dress with a light blue belt around her waist with a dark blue round buckle in the center. She wears light blue bands on her wrists, light blue knee length boots and a brown wind-up key on her back.

She also holds ownership of multiple items, each used for different purposes. These include:

  • Magical Commune, the item that Hikari uses to transform, which also doubles as a compartment.
  • Miracle Weaponry, a set of three items used to attack, including Miracle Bow, Miracle Ribbon, and Miracle Wand.
  • Grand Staff, a powerful staff used in the final battle.

In the event of a successful battle, she is rewarded with a certain amount of diamonds, depending on the difficulty of the battle. These diamonds, when all are collected, can be used to make any wish. On the other hand, if something bad occurs or she is defeated, diamonds will be lost, but can still be retrieved in the future. The diamonds are stored in the Magical Commune.



Hikari's mentor and "ally". Hikari's relation with Tamashii is rather unique; some times the two go along perfectly, while other times it's hard to communicate without any arguments. Tamashii, in human form, is her "babysitter".

Kita Rin

Hikari's mother. They just seem to never get along with each other, mostly because of Rin's strict personality and Hikari's more klutzy one. The two go along so bad that Hikari doesn't know if she likes her mother so much.

Kita Hajime

Hikari's father. She loves him a lot because he wants her to enjoy life to its fullest and have fun along with it. Although Rin is not satisfied with this, the two seem to always be on the same page with each other.

Kita Chiyo

Hikari's baby sister, born in episode 4. She loves Chiyo with a passion and, when born, pays more attention to her than anything. When around her, Hikari acts like her commune is a toy but tells Chiyo it is valuable.

Araya Koichi

Image Songs


  • Because she attends the All Girls' Christian Academy, it is revealed Hikari is a Christian.
  • Hikari appears as a focus for episode 10 of Harmonic Duo Pretty Cure!, another of the author's fan anime series.
  • Her birthday is September 25, making her a Libra.
  • Her voice actress (Matsuki Miyu) is also known for providing the voice of another magical girl: Hoshino Koto/Miko Rayer, the main character of Cosprayers.
    • Ironically, the two characters have the same initials, but reversed.
  • Although it is only seen and heard twice, Hikari loves to draw, and is a very good artist.
  • After her voice actress passed away, a tribute from Hikari and Tachibana Nora, the creator, has been planned.


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