Kazumi's Adventures in Twisted Land
('Kazumi no Tsuitorando')
StudioJ.C Staff
NetworkTV Tokyo
Original RunSeptember 12, 2016
Opening SongButterfly Effect
Ending SongMagic Mirror

Kazumi's Adventures in Twisted Land (ツイストランド和美 Kazumi no tsuisutorando) is a fan series made by MikuHatsune145. It's main themes are magic and fairy tales.


Kazumi Aoyama is (or was) a normal girl and she always loved fairy tales (except those with weird or gruesome endings) and she goes to a normal college with her friends and lives in a little house. Until that day when she met a strange guy who led her to a mysterious door. Behind that door resides the land of Snow White (who mysteriously becamed Black Snow), on this land, Snow White is the bad girl, the Evil Queen is good, the seven dwarves are the Queen's servants and hates Snow White, the poisoned apple is now a....poisoned...cherry. When she travelled around this crazy land, she found another door which led her to the land of Cinderella, which story also turned crazy.

Cinderella is as evil as her step-sisters, her step-sisters are mistreated by Cinderella, the evil step-mother becamed good and the father died. The godmother can't stop doing evil deeds and the Prince only cares about himself, when she travelled another door and went to a creepy Wonderland: everything is all dark blue and black, everyone seems depressed, the Red Queen and White Queen are imprisoned and Alice is a ruthless, sadistic and heartless queen who tortures every person who disobey her. That guy named Aaron is an witch aprentice and he revealed to Kazumi that she is the powerful legendary witch who can rearrange the corrupted fairy tales. She has now the task to save fairy tales by being consumed by darkness.


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