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Michelle "Kazumi" Kazusa
Japanese Name ミシェル・カズサ


Appears in Magica Quartlet's Magical Molly!
Age ???
Gender Female
Race Human

Magical Girl

Hair Color Black
Eye Color Red
Personal Status
Relatives N/A
Occupation Magical Girl
VA (English) Hynden Walch (Movie 2)

Brittney Karbowski (current)

VA (Japanese) Yui Horie

Michelle "Kazumi" Kazusa is a Minor (later supporting) character appearing in Magica Quartlet's Magical Molly!.


For more information of Kazumi, please redirect here.


Magical Molly! THE ANIMATION

  • V/A: Brittney Karbowski (English), Yui Horie (Japanese)

She was briefly mentioned by Kaoru.

Magical Molly! II

  • V/A: Hynden Walch (English), Yui Horie (Japanese)

She made an appearance in the movie.

Untitled 3rd Magical Molly! Movie

  • V/A: Brittney Karbowski (English), Yui Horie (Japanese)

Magical Molly! Comic Series

NOTE: Italic lines are her cameo appearances.

She (as Kazusa) appeared with Tachibana at a dessert cafe, which they were surprised to Kacey's huge dessert.


Magical Molly! Action Figure Series

  • Kazumi
    • Release Date: November 2014
    • Wave: 5
    • Japanese ID Number: MM-AFC-??
    • Accessories: 2 interchangeable hands, Cross-shaped Staff (Japanese release), 2 black Muskets (US Release), Sword (US release), Large witch Hat, Display stand

The figure's accessories varies in two different releases:

  1. a Cross-shaped staff, which was based in the manga's design. (Japan release)
  2. Two Black repaints of Maria Thompson's muskets, and a sword based on Hanokage's design (US Release)

She had two variants: A short-haired version & a long-haired version exists. Odd.

The Japanese release of the figure is titled "Magical Girl Kazumi" in English.


  • Despite that she was made as a cameo character, Kazumi is listed in the upcoming appearance in the future issues.
  • She (probably) wears the same suit type as Yuuri's.
  • Originally Ai Kayano was going to voice Kazumi, but Yui Horie is hired instead.
  • Her name: Michelle, is a nod to the Michiru Kazusa's name "Michiru (Mi-chi-(e)-ru)", only without an "e".

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