Kataoka Aira
片岡あいら Kataoka Aira
Aira and Serene new2
SeasonShining Link Pretty Cure!
Eye ColorPink
Hair ColorMagenta
First AppearanceSLPC01
Alter EgoCure Serene
Theme ColorPink
Kataoka Aira (片岡あいら Kataoka Aira) is the lead Cure and main character of Shining Link Pretty Cure!. She transforms into Cure Serene (キュアシリーン Kyua Shirīn) while controlling the power of holy light.


Aira has chin length magenta hair with pink eyes. She wears a short sleeved white shirt with the union jack on it with a pink long sleeved shirt underneath. She wears a blue skirt that is held up by a brown belt that has a gold buckle. She wears pink and white sneakers. She wears her RainbowBrace on her right wrist.

As Cure Serene, her hairs grows a tiny bit past her shoulders. She wears pink heart clips with white trims on either side of her head. Her eyes are still pink. Her outfit consists of a pink coat that splits into two with a yellow sash on top. She has a small peachy pink bow on her chest. She wears a white and pink dress underneath her coat that has peachy pink frills underneath. She has pink straps with white frills on her shoulders. She wears white thigh length socks with white ankle length boots that has a yellow trim and pink bows on them. Her RainbowBrace remains on her right wrist.


Aira is your typical shy fifteen year old girl who is quiet and always spoken over. She is very clumsy and can often say dumb things that makes others laugh at or tease her. She is very kind and gentle and is always trying to avoid the bullies. Aira has a great fashion sense and loves to design clothes for girls her age. She gets quite flustered and worried in situations like getting in trouble or battling Dark Predators.

As the series goes on, Aira begins to gain a lot more confidence in herself and stands up for herself towards everyone with the help of her new friends and Hayato. She becomes very helpful and begins to enjoy school life a lot more. She hates to speak to strangers and is claustrophobic.



Cure Serene

"The holy light of peace! Cure Serene!"
Heiwa no seinaru hikari! Kyua Shirīn!

Cure Serene (キュアシリーン Kyua Shirīn) is the Pretty Cure alter ego of Kataoka Aira. She represents the power of holy light and is about to transform by using the RainbowBrace.



  • Peaceful Holy Shower (ピースフルホーリーシャワー Pīsufuru Hōrī Shawā) - Her main solo finisher, where she draws a peace sign and pushes it hard towards the target, sealing the enemy, then eventually purifying it. SLPC01

  • Serene Shock (シリーンショック Shirīn Shokku) - Cure Serene summons a bolt of lightning and sends it towards the enemy, electrocuting the target.


Shiny Luminous (シャイニルミナス Shaini Ruminasu): Cure Serene's first disguise.

Transformation Phrases

"Link Me To Light! Pretty Cure Shining Power!" - Her main transformation phrase that transforms her into Cure Serene.

"Link Me To Light! Luminous! Shining Stream!" - Her transformation phrase to disguise herself as Shiny Luminous.




  • Aira is the second lead Cure to be fifteen in the original season and not the sequel.
  • Aira is the second lead Cure to have the power of holy light. The first being Cure Happy.



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