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Kassandra (Episode)
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Episode Information
Episode no. 7
Directed by Keitaro Motonaga
Writers Hitoshi Tanaka
Airdate TBA
Languages English
Duration 30 Minutes
Studio AIC+
Episode Navigation
A New Girl in Town
A Fiery Fight
Kassandra is the 7th Episode of Date A Live.


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Characters appearing in this EpisodeEdit

  • Samuel "Sid" Issac
  • Kallie Issac
  • Tamara
  • Octavia Tally
  • Mana Talicia
  • Kassandra

Censorship/Changes made from this EpisodeEdit

This Episode is the most notable one due to heavy cuts and edits.

  • The scene that Tohka seduces Shidou for taking the tickets is cut.
  • Kurumi's assault to the men that bullying a stray cat is ultimately cut. (Save that for Shidou's screaming scene)
  • Kurumi's seduction is somewhat toned down.
  • Kurumi's "death" is heavily altered.
  • The scene that Shidou forces Kurumi to deacitvate a spacequake is toned down.
  • Originally an edit of Kurumi's Sliced arm is planned, but only ended up recoloring her flesh from her sliced arm.


  • This Episode has the most duration time.

See AlsoEdit

  • Triple Frenzy Tune, the original 8th Episode of Date A Live, which is used for this Episode's first half.
  • Raging Nightmare, The original 9th Episode of Date A Live, which is used for this Episode's second half.