Kashikoi Kaitou Eli
(Kashikoi Kaitō Eri)
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Original Runtba
Opening SongOtome no monogatari
Ending SongFly Away

Kashikoi Kaitou Eli (賢い怪盗絵里 Kashikoi Kaitō Eri, lit. Clever Phantom Thief Eli) is a magical girl/kaitou (phantom thief) series created by Cure Alumi. This series focuses on Ayase Miyaki, who can transform into the phantom thief Eli to steal back lost items and return them, all while being a threat to the police.



It begins on a big day for Ayase Miyaki: her birthday! While staying after school to take care of student council duties, she encounters a charm sitting on the desk. She takes it, not knowing that she is taking a responsible power with her. Her friend and student council vice president, Sato Satori, happens to be the inventor of this charm, unaware that someone would take it. She lets Miyaki in on the story, and that her goal will be to steal back and return items. Neither of them, though, think about the consequences that Miyaki could face as the newly born phantom thief Eli. And those consequences can become dangerous.



Ayase Miyaki (絢瀬みやき Ayase Miyaki)
Miyaki is the main protagonist of the series. She is the student council president of the Murano Private Academy, and is a 2nd year there. Her charming aura provides her popularity, although some are unsure about actually becoming friends with her and that she has a grudge towards the popularity ordeal. During class and at home, she is often a dreamer who wishes for freedom and adventure. When needed, she can toggle her Kaitou Eli (怪盗 絵里 Kaitō Eri) form.


The Murano Police (村乃警察 Murano Keisatsu) are the official police of the city. They pose a threat to Eli, unaware of her true goal. The significant members of the group include:

Other CharactersEdit

Sato Satori (佐藤悟り Satō Satori)


Mystery Charm (ミステリーチャーム Misuterī Chāmu)
A device created by Satori that was only intended as a test product and not to be used by anyone, but was instead taken by Miyaki. The charm is used by Miyaki to transform into Kaitou Eli.



Episode 1: Miyaki's Charming Transformation! (みやきの魅力的な変身! Miyaki no miryoku-tekina henshin!)
Original release: tba

Episode 2: Police?! Should I Quit? (警察?!私はやめるべきですか? Kaisatsu?! Watashi wa yamerubekidesu ka?)
Original release: tba



  • This is the author's first series having everything drawn by herself.


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