Karen Yoby is a mysterious girl who makes an appearance in episode 5 of Yasmin The Hero!

Karen Yoby
"Just, stay out of my will, will ya?"
Japanese Name Karin Miyoshi
Appears in Yasmin The Hero!
Age 16
Gender Female
Race Human
Hair Color Brown (Normal), Black (Hero)
Eye Color Olive-Green
Personal Status
Relatives Unknown
Occupation Student, Hero Club Member, Heroine
VA (English) Sarah Anne Williams
VA (Japanese) Juri Nagatsuma

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

Karen is extremely hotheaded and rude at times. She is not very nice to the Hero Team at first, but gradually starts to open up to them. Her motto is 'If you can't make it listen, then beat it.', much to optimist Yasmin's dismay.

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