"Lets Futuring!"

-Ayame's catchphrase

Ayame Kanon (花音 菖蒲 kanon ayame ) is another new student in Starlight Academy. She mainly uses Futuring girl. Her aura consists of kaleidoscopic patterns . Her autograph is based on cursive Ayame and a chibi picture of Rei Kamishiro's head . Her zodiac sign is Aquarius .


Ayame's hair is a striking light blue , and her eyes are cobalt blue. She ties her hair into twintails.


Ayame is an energetic and cheerful girl, so she always looks on the bright side. But when she faces large pressure, she turns into a perfectionist.


Ayane Ninji : Ayame's bestest best friend and roommate.

Rei Kamishiro : Since Ayame's parents died of a disease when Ayame was 1 years old , He fostered Ayame . Ayame had came up with the idea of the Kaleido Mirror Coord.

Aoi Kiriya : Ayame's penfriend when she was young .

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