Sakura Yamada is a normal girl during the day, but in the evening, she's the masked Phantom Thief, Rose, a thief with good morals and an even better disguise. Being a rectifier of sins, she steals from crooks and puts them behind bars. But Wataru Kudo wants to catch her!


Kaitou Rose Season 1 Episodes

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Sakura Yamada is a normal girl during the day, but in the evening, she's the masked Phantom Thief, Kaitpu Rose, a thief with good morals and an even better disguise. Being a rectifier of sins, she steals from crooks and puts them behind bars. But Wataru Kudo, who's crushing on her, wants to catch her!


Sakura Yamada (Kaito Rose)

Ichigo Suzuhara

Tadase Higarashi

Wataru Kudo


Aki (née Ueda) and Makoto Yamada

Sakura parents. Aki is a housewife while Makato is a martial arts teacher. Aki and Makoto are very understanding, caring, and supportive, are fully aware of Sakura being Rose, accept this completely, and as a matter of fact, it was them who encouraged Sakura to become Rose. They themselves used to be Kaitous when they were younger. Aki used to tell Sakura bed time stories of Kaitou Virtue, Kaitou Heart, Kaitou Angelic Prism etc stories. They made spare costumes just in case to masquerade as Sakura on a mission to divert attention. Each family member of there's except for those who are not a member of Hāto no kagayaku yume is trained by training traps and martial arts to be phantom thieves.

Beniko and Kogoro Suzahara

Ichigo parents. They're both art dealers that spend a lot of time working overseas. Just like the women in Aki family have been Kaitous for generation, the women in Beniko family have been rabbis and infomats to the Watanabee women for the same time.

Tochi Kudo

Mana Ueda

Sakura grandmother and Eriko mother. She was stern and professional as a Kaitou Heart, albeit she is also sweet and carefree during the day. She used to be Kaitou Heart. She spreads joy whenever she went and had many friends who she sang to and played. During the night as a phantom thief, she'll put on a sten poker face and stayed silent.

Aguri Watanabe

Sakura deceased 4Xgreat grandmother. She was the first Kaitou in Aki family. During her time period, the injustice and corruption of the government was at an all time high, and she, amongst others, could not take it anymore. So, she decided to do something about it. She thought that if she could take on the criminals by rectifying them and putting them in their place, it would motivate the cops to actually do something with their work. So, with her best friend, who was a rabbi, they gathered two Holy Energy sources that are embodied into a necklace that the rabbi made and they created Hāto no kagayaku yume. In her will, which was to be read to only her immediate family and most trusted friends and confidants, it stated that all firstborn women in her direct family's future generations were to take that necklace, make a persona of their own, and take on the mission that she took up, all on their eleventh birthday. Her informant, a rabbi by the name of Ritsu, was her best friend who was also Ichigo 4Xgreat grandmother. Arisa always got away from the police with every heist she pulled until her retirement.

Ritsu Ayase

Ichigo deceased 4XGreat maternal grandmother.

Minami and Chinami - they are classmates and friends of Ichigo and Sakura at there School.

Masumi and Satsuki - Wataru is often found with his two friends, Masumi and Satsuki while bragging his achievements to them.

Supporting Characters

Hana - is Sakura 'parrot-in-crime' and that she wears a pink mask. Sakura trained her to know when she needs help. A female Electus parrot.

Prince - is Tadase 'parrot-in-crime' and that he wears a mask. Tadase trained him to know when he needs help. A female Electus parrot.


The series has been located in the east of Japan in the metropolis and capital city of Japan, Tokyo.

  • St. Joseph Private High School - a Jewish school. It has a synagogue that serves as the team regular meeting place for mission briefings, as well as an emergency route in the vent something goes wrong
  • St. Eli Jewish High School - a Jewish school.
  • St. Heinz Academy - is a international culinary and boarding school for sweets and foods. It is in New York City. It and it's branches was created by Heinz Lucas in order to raise 's patisserie's, confectioners, cooks etc and now all of them are run by Michael Lucas, Heinz grandson. It has grades from middle school all the way to the end of college.


  • Two Holy Energy sources are embodied into the necklace. The necklace enables the wearer to transform into a costumed thief of their choice; each one varies for each person or same theme but different designs. Due to the Godly powers in the necklace, the wearer is immune direct hits and near-fatal accidents, is given increased athletic ability, stealth, intelligence, resourcefulness, and cleverness. There's an activation code of it as well. It will recognize and record your voice once you say the password. It works for everyone who wears it. What's strange is that it analyzes the wearer's personality and style, and conjures up a Phantom Thief image based on the woman's interests.
    • Tears of God, which are literally what they're called, is a sparkling rain only those blessed with God's power can see. The Teardrops of God are also spirits of God that embody the ability and allow(s) the person who have this to be able to sin with a good reason and be rewarded by God. One of the two Holy Energy sources.
    • Flame Of Justice, which is the inner passion to do the right thing, even if it means breaking the rules. One of the two Holy Energy sources. The Fire of Justice is passionate opinions of a more law-enforced life. Its also is a fire that burns within the hearts of those who haven't been consumed by selfishness and evil.
  • Aki engagement ring - A ring that looks like - its band is gold with a violet pearl in the center with two deep blue gems in the shape of a heart on the side.
  • Hāto no kagayaku yume - They're goal is to become phantom thieves that they're "heists" are actually missions to get any illegally obtained items, and get them back to their original owners, or steal something for a perfectly good reason such as stopping an arranged marriage that one of the betrothed does not want that justifies what they does so most members are phantom thieves so there is a phantom their in a town and/or city of Japan. When a phantom their member moves to abroad then the group have to get a new phantom their for that town or city that the phantom thief used to live or when a phantom their moved to location where another phantom their is than they have to work together in that location. The group also recruit a informants for each the phantom thief in a (different) location. When a informant member moves to abroad then the group have to get a new informant for that town or city that the informant used to live. You can be members by recruiting or being a family member or a relative of already member of the group. They also recruit people to create the phantom thieves transformation devices that are infuse with the two Holy Energies. Sometime a phantom thieves transformation device is passed down from parent to child or given one by a creator of phantom thieves transformation devices. When a member has more than one child than that members children have to become a phantom thief or informant as well. into her family, have/had been Kaitous for generations. So being a Phantom Thief is in her/Sakura blood. When that when the time was right, a member or relative would tell there child or another relative of there that their fate was to be a Phantom Thief too and become a Kaitou on that day and it's been like this for generations. Aguri Watanabe And Ritsu Ayase are the founder of the group. The name of the group mean Shining Dreams of the Heart in English.


Other Info

It's a tradition for the offspring to become a Phantom Thief at the age of eleven. God also creates and gives this ability to someone who is he thinks is worthy for it which that someone ends up being the wife or husband of the (current) Kaitou in a/each generation. For each (of) that/those someone('s) God uses (each of) that someone (own) pure heart to do the right thing to create that someone ability.

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