Jessica Wilson
Render anime girl by killerjeff234-d6qif6v
Age 12
Gender Female
Race Human

Magical Girl

Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Personal Status
Occupation Magical Girl
VA (English) Wendee Lee

Jessica Wilson is a member of The All-Star Magic Girls.


Jessica is a total sweetheart known for her passive and gentle nature. Her only desire is to please others and make them happy - which is viewed to be both a gift and a flaw. While she may go to desperate lengths to see to it that others are happy, including sacrificing her own happiness. She is unable to be truthful about her feelings and is extremely sensitive; possibly due to her sheltered lifestyle and lady-like raising. She is very mature, but she is also deemed "naive" by others.

Jessica has many talents and is very wise, but she suffers when it comes to anything with endurance and has shown multiple times to struggle when it comes to running for long periods of time.

Very calm and even-tempered, it is normally hard to get a rise out of Jessica. While smart, she is never arrogant and remains entirely humble and modest. Despite her wealth, she is not spoiled.


Jessica has brown hair and brown eyes. Her normal outfit consists of a white T-shirt, a blue overall skirt, black leggings, and red slip-ons. She also wears glasses.






  • She speaks with a British accent.

Foreign NamesEdit

  • Japanese: ジェシカ・ウィルソン (Jeshika U~Iruson)
  • Chinese: 杰西卡·威尔逊 (Jié Xī Kǎ·Wēi'ěrxùn)
  • Thai: เจสสิก้าวิลสัน (Ce s̄ s̄i k̂ā wi l s̄ạn)
  • Macedonian: Џесика Вилсон (Džesika Vilson)
  • Korean: 제시카 윌슨 (Jesika Wilseun)
  • Punjabi: ਜੈਸਿਕਾ ਵਿਲਸਨ (Jaisikā Vilasana)
  • Bengali: জেসিকা উইলসন (Jēsikā U'ilasana)
  • Telugu: జెస్సికా విల్సన్ (Jes'sikā Vilsan)
  • Serbian: Џесика Вилсон (Džesika Vilson)
  • Nepali: जेसिका विल्सन (Jēsikā Vilsana)
  • Belarusian: Джэсіка Уілсан (Džesika Uilsan)
  • Arabic: جيسيكا ويلسون (Jisikana Wylswn)



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