ジャック Jakku
SeasonMahou Shoujo Alumi
Eye ColorRed
Hair ColorBlack
First AppearanceAct 1: The Birth of a New Warrior!

Jack (ジャック Jakku) is the first villain to appear in Mahou Shoujo Alumi.



The first villain to appear. Jack is very hyper, and acts like he is on a sugar rush. He loves telling jokes, but most of the time it gets out of hand. He is the one who always tries his best to get Trump to fight on many occasions, although this ends in failure. He also has a human form called Chokuro Jack.


He's Jack, and he's on the side of evil! He's a very hyper person to be around, though, and a huge joker at that, even if it gets out of hand. He appears the most loyal to Trump, always trying to get her to step into battle. He can change into a human form called Chokuro Jack.




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