Name: Irma Wilson

Gender: Female

Class: Crimson Denizen

Good or Evil: Good

True Name: Dews of Stars

Affiliation/s: othe Crimson Denizens

Color of Flame: light orange

Status: Active


She is sweet and gentle but while in fighting she becomes coldblooded and cruel.


Her hair reach her back and it's black. Her eye is green on the left and her right side eye is brown.


She's a Denizen who created many Treasure Tools. She collected some of existences of every Human, Rinnes, Flame Hazes and Crimson Denizens and Lords their is. When she departed for Xanadu she uses the Gaibu no sonzai, Mohō mirakuru and Shin seikatsu to make new babies, each one was created from diferent 2 power of existence that she combined together that will grow up and stop aging at a certain point in there lives, including Tis and Asiz children they've wanted.

She guards and protects Karina from danger until she becomes a Lord.

She wears one of the Kurimuzon haru.

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