Iridescent Jewel
(Nijiiro no Hōseki)
StudioToei Animation Co, Ltd

Studio Hibari

LicensorFunimation Entertainment
NetworkTeenNick (USA)

YTV (Canada)
Nickelodeon, TF1 (France)
TV Tokyo (Japan)

Original RunFabruary 2017
Iridescent Jewel (虹色の宝石 Nijiiro no Hōseki?, Alt. title, Shining Warrior Iridescent Jewel) is a Japanese-American magical boy/girl comic book and animation series created by KuroganeBlade, and produced by Toei Animation and Studio Hibari. The series features six high-school teenagers who posses mystical items called the Iridescents and use their powers to fight an evil sorcerer, who wants the Iridescents for himself. 


The idea of Iridescent Jewel came from the 2014 French animated series, LoliRock. CureKurogane was fascinated by the art of the characters as well as the theme and story, he started off with the character development and their designs. He thought that gemstones would be a great theme for the show because of their colors and how they look when they're under the light. Because of his love for superheroes and anime, CureKurogane decided to make it a magical girl/magical boy series but make it more aimed at a teen audience since most of the shows, mostly magical girl are aimed at younger audiences. Like in all series, these heroes face their own teen lives while fighting evil as a group of magical boys and girls to save the world.


Seiji Hinata is a young 17-year-old boy who moved to a new city, after his parents transferred jobs. On his first day of school, he finds a beautiful gemstone: a red Ruby and much to his surprise it was emitting a strange faint light. But his day comes to a halt when he is attacked by two strangers, demanding that he must hand over a mysterious item called the Iridescent. However, he was later approached by a mysterious fairy and saves him from the strangers. The fairy tells Seiji about the Iridescents and how they were used to defeat a dark wizard named Noir Fantome, who wants the Iridescents and use them for his own corrupted desires. When Fantome sent his henchmen to attack Seiji once more, the ruby responds to his heart and it changes into an Iridescent before his eyes, giving him to transform into Ruby Fire!

With his new magical powers, Seiji must take responsibility in finding the Iridescents and use them to fight Fantome. However, he didn't expect to have five other students: Lisa, Aiden, Tala, Rocky, and Zuriyah to join him in battle against the dark wizard.


Iridescent Warriors

The Iridescent Warriors (虹色の戦士 Nijiiro no Senshi?) are a group of young boys and girls who awaken the powers of the Iridescents and use their channeled abilities to fight Noir Fantome and his evil generals. Each Warrior is asscociated with a gemstone and an elemental power representing that stone. In many cases, the Warriors have their Iridescents posing as different accessories/jewelry and would use them to transform into their magical forms.

Ruby Fire

Hinata Seiji (日向誠次 Hinata Seiji?, known as Seiji Hyuuga in French and other foreign languages) is the main protagonist of the series and the leader of the Iridescent Warriors. He is 17 years old and the new transfer student at St. Andrews High School after moving to America due to his father moving from Japan to the West. Seiji is an out-going young man who loves to have fun and is very compassionate and understanding. He transforms into Ruby Fire after awakening his Ruby Iridescent and resented the idea of fighting evil but after the school was attacked, he was inspired to protect the people he cares about. His theme color is orange/red, his element is fire and his weapons are the Ruby Chakram.

Rubellite Heart

Lisa Zhao (リサ・ザオ Risa Zao?) is a 17-year-old bubbly, yet intelligent girl from Hong Kong, South China in Seiji's class. Lisa isn't afraid to make new friends and she was the first one to meet Seiji and introduce the others to him. Despite her good grades in classes, she can be a bit airheaded at times. Her parents own a family restaurant in which they let her friends hang out as well as Seiji, and she herself loves being in the kitchen and show off her culinary skills. Lisa transforms into Rubellite Heart after awakening her Rubellite Iridescent and becomes excited when she's in her magical form. Her theme color is pink, her element is love, and her weapon is the Rubellite Tiare.

Diamond Bolt

Aiden Hawthorne (エイデン・ホーソーン Eiden Hōsōn?) is a 17-year-old boy who is from New York City, New York. Like Lisa, Aiden is a very sociable person who never stops making people smile. He is a city boy and often shows Seiji around due to him being a new person and is very fluent in Japanese and French. Aiden is a fan of comic books and video games, and has a very large appetite, developing a habit of eating in class. He isn't very good in academics and often shows up late in class, forcing him to stand outside the halls sometimes. Aiden transforms into Diamond Bolt after awakening his Diamond Iridescent and uses his hero moves to battle. His theme color is yellow, his element is electricity and his weapon is the Dia Sword.

Emerald Avia

Tala Chaudhary (タラ・ショーダーハリー Tara Shōdāharī?) is a plucky 17-year old girl who is from Mumbai, India. She is a student in Seiji's class who has immense physical strength that most people fear her while the guys fall in love with her. Tala is serious and self-controlled, and has no interest in dating or getting married and would get annoyed when the others, and her parents pursuade her in getting a boyfriend and settling down. Tala focuses on taking on Noir Fantome and often acts like a mentor to the others. She transforms into Emerald Avia after awakening her Emerald Iridescent and her strength becomes more enhanced. Her theme color is green, her element is wind/flowers, and her weapon is the Emerald Staff.

Sapphire Ocean

Rocky Whitewolf (ロッキー・ホワイトウルフ Rokkī Howaitōrufu?) is a tall and calm 17-year-old boy from Toronto, Canada. He is a Native Canadian who is gentle and smiles mostly, but changes emotion when need to such as when there's danger ahead. He enjoys reading, sightseeing and practicing his martial arts, but sometimes he can be a bit clueless at times and a bit clumsy. He is shown to be very skilled in housekeeping and has a soft spot for children. Rocky shares a strong bond with Aiden and often protects him from harm, and even shows a frightening aura telling any threat to back away or there will be consequences. He transforms into Sapphire Ocean after awakening his Sapphire Iridescent and has incredible agility. His theme color is blue, his element is water/ice, and his weapon is the Sapphire Arrow.

Amethyst Star

Zuriyah Atieno (ズリヤー・アティエノ Zuriyā Atieno?) is an elegant 17-year-old girl who is from Nairobi, Kenya. Beautiful from top to bottom, Zuriyah is very popular with the boys and is gets asked out frequently. She is very polite and respectful and is shown to be one of the top students to have the highest grades. She is also a model and her parents owns a modeling agency and would model for many famous designer clothes' lines, much to her dismay. Zuriyah is a fan of J-Pop as well as American pop music and dreams of becoming a famous susperstar. She transforms into Amethyst Star after awakening her Amethyst Iridescent and was shocked of how she looked. Her theme color is purple, her element is starlight and her weapon is the Amethyst Whip.


Princess Iris

Princess Iris (アイリス姫 Airisu-hime?) is a cat-like fairy who has been residing on Earth since the beginning of the story. She was sent to the planet after she was addressed that the Iridescents' power were coming from the planet. Iris first encounters Seiji Hinata when he was attacked by Noir Fantome's minions and tells him about the Iridescents and their power until she finds out that he has found the Ruby Iridescent and has started to become his advisor as well as the others. Iris is shown to be serious and strict, due to her being a princess, but is very compassionate and understanding. Iris' true form is a beautiful human young woman, who looks around the same age as the Warriors.


Phantom Kingdom

The Phantom Kingdom (ファントム王国 Fantomu Ōkoku?) are the main antagonists of the the comic and anime series. Its ruler is Noir Fantome and he is currently after the six Iridescents and use their power to rule the Earth and the people around it.

Noir Fantome

Noir Fantome (ノワールファントメー Nowāru Fantomē?, also known as Fantôme Noir in the French comics and dub) is the ruler of the Phantom Kingdom and the main atagonist of the Iridescent Warriors. He is a dark, cruel, and a power-hungry man who desires on getting the Iridsecents for their powerful magic. Due to his power being weakened, he depends on his four subordinates to steal the Iridescents, for he dislikes failure. Much of his history is not known about him, but it is hinted that he has come from a magical universe. His name means "Black Phantom" in French.

Dahlia and Lucifer

Dahlia (ダリア Daria?) and Lucifer (ルシファー Rushifā?) are a pair of twins that serve under Noir Fantome. Lucifer is the older twin who looks up to Fantome and works hard to prove his worthy to him. He is shown to love to tease Dahlia, calling her "little sister" and often doesn't listen to what she has to say, making him drawl out "Whatever", but he shows a comedic side by being very bumbling and lazy. Dahlia is the younger twin who hates to have Lucifer put her under his shadow. She is very smart and more menacing than her brother, and often gets annoyed of Lucifer's taunting because of him being minutes older than her, making her argue with him and call him an "idiot brother". The twins are mostly seen together fighting the Iridescent Warriors, but can fight separately as well. 


Azalée (アザーレ Azāre?) is a proud woman who serves Noir Fantome as his right-hand woman. She is a beautiful woman who loves to flaunt her looks much to Dahlia's annoyance, but is very ruthless when it comes to battling her enemies. She isn't afraid to brag about how much she's 'in love' with Noir Fantome and would do anything to have him accept her feelings for him. She thinks that Dahlia and Lucifer aren't fit to take their mission on getting the Iridescents seriously and often criticizes them for their failure, which ends up her being called an "ugly hag" by the twins. Her name means "Azalea" in French.


Loup-Garou (ルー・ガロウ Rū Garō?) is a quiet man who one of the last generals of Noir Fantome. He strongly resembles a werewolf except he's more human than a wolf and is rumored that he is the strongest of all of the generals. Loup-Garou isn't the most talkative person and responds in grunts. Also, he doesn't get bothered with the Dahlia and Lucifer's bickering, nor Azalée's complete fawning over Fantome. He enjoys eating macaroons and is often seen sleeping when not in battle.

Minor Characters


The Iridescents (虹色宝石 Nijiiro Hōseki?) are magical gemstones of the series. Worn as jewelry, they give the holders element powers and transform into their magical forms. The total number of the Iridescents are unknown, but it is said that the main six Iridescents were used by a group of warriors to defeat Noir Fantome and is now under the possession of the current holders: Seiji, Lisa, Aiden, Tala, Rocky, and Zuriyah.


Ruby Iridescent

The Ruby Iridescent (ルビー虹色 Rubī Nijiiro?) is Seiji's Iridescent. It takes form of a golden wristband with three red magical rubies in the center and it is worm on Seiji's left wrist. It channels the power of fire and allows him to perform fire-based spells/attacks while in magical form and even in civilian form.

Rubellite Iridescent

The Rubellite Iridescent (ルベライト虹色 Ruberaito Nijiiro?) is Lisa's Iridescent. It takes form of a brooch that takes form of a heart with a golden lining and a heart-shaped pink rubellite in the center and it is worn on the bow of Lisa's school uniform. It channels the power of love and allows her to perform love-based spells/attacks when in magical form and even civilian form.

Diamond Iridescent

The Diamond Iridescent (ダイヤ虹色 Daiya Nijiiro?) is Aiden's  Iridescent. It takes form of a necklace in a form of a five-pointed star with a yellow diamond in the center and is worn around Aiden's neck. It channels the power of lightning and allows him to perform lightning-based spells/attacks when in magical form and even civilian form.

Emerald Iridescent

Emerald Iridescent (エメラルド虹色 Emerarudo Nijiiro?) is Tala's Iridescent. It takes form of a large circular compact mirror colored in green with gold lining and embroidery and inside has a three green emeralds, the middle being in a shape of an arrowhead, and Tala mostly uses it to track down Fantome's monsters and to look at herself for personal touch-ups. It channels the power of wind and allows her to perform wind-based spells/attacks when in magical form and even civilian form.

Sapphire Iridescent

The Sapphire Iridescent (サファイア虹色 Safaia Nijiiro?) is Rocky's Iridescent. It takes form of a golden ring with a large blue sapphire in the center and is worn on the middle finger of Rocky's right hand. It channels the power of water/ice and allows him to perform water and ice-based spells/attacks when in magical form and even civilian form.

Amethyst Iridescent

The Amethyst Iridescent (アメジスト虹色 Amejisuto Nijiiro?) is Zuriyah's Iridescent. It takes form of a hair brooch pin that is a large purple amethyst in a form of a sparkling star with golden lining and it is worn on the left side of Zuriyah's head. It channels the power of starlight and allows her to perform starlight-based spells/attacks when in magical form and even civilian form.


Ruby Chakram

Rubellite Tiare

Diamond Longsword

Emerald Scepter

Sapphire Arrow

Amethyst Ribbon


John St. Andrews High School

John St. Andrews High School (ジョン・セントアンドリュース高校 Jon Seinto Andoryūsu Kōkō?) is the main school of the main Iridescent Warriors. The school is built around the 1940s and was originally going to be made a prestigious private school for students of wealthy families, but was made into a public school instead.







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