"Diamond Power, Knight Up!"
―Ikazuki Hikaru, Bishounen Senshi Crystal Knights
Ikazuki Hikaru
雷瀬ひかる Ikazuki Hikaru
Diamond Knight and Cestra
SeasonBishounen Senshi Crystal Knights
Eye ColorDiamond yellow
Hair ColorBlonde
Home PlaceEarth
RelativesIkazuki Yasuji (father)
First AppearanceAct 12: Hikaru ~ Diamond Knight
Alter EgoDiamond Knight
Theme ColorYellow
Ikazuki Hikaru (雷瀬ひかる Ikazuki Hikaru?) is one of the main characters of Bishounen Senshi Crystal Knights. He is the civilian form of the main Crystal Knights, Diamond Knight and is the last Crystal Knight to be recruited. Hikaru is an attractive young man who is very popular with the girls and is happy-go-lucky. He is shown to be very bad at his studies and would but heads with Ryou over something very ridiculous forcing Takeru to intervene. As the Diamond Knight, Hikaru's gemstone is the yellow diamond and channels the power of lightning. His theme color is yellow. 



Civilian AppearanceEdit

Crystal Knight AppearanceEdit




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