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Idol Stars (アイドルスターズ Aidoru Sutāzu) is a trilogy of anime, following three (later four) girls who form an idol group and try to overcome the obstacles in their way of success. The first series is about the birth of the group, the second is about a new member joining, and the third and final is the girls meeting another rivaling idol group.

Series SynopsisEdit

Triple A : Idol StarsEdit

They said you can achieve your dreams. They said to never give up. They said to work your way to the top. And it really does help. With this advice, three girls (Alice, Amaya, and Akari) become a group of idols dubbed as "Triple A". But soon, they learn that being part of an idol group is tough. They have to overcome it somehow.

Evil Can Be Good : Idol Stars 2Edit

"When popularity drops, we'll bring in another member!" And that's exactly what Triple A is doing: hosting auditions to find their fourth member. When Alice stumbles across someone, or rather something, and hears their voice, she realizes she may have found hope. The group now expands to Alice, Amaya, Akari, and Alumi, but what will their group name be?

Hope for the Future : Idol Stars 3Edit


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