She is one of the characters of Kaitou Rose. A classmate of Sakura's, as well as one of her her best friend, Ichigo is a Rabbi-in-training that works at the temple next to the school. Other than other people, Ichigo is one of the only people on Earth that knows that Sakura is Rose. She listens to the sad tales of those who were robbed – or otherwise scammed out – of their precious items and possessions, and will pass on this information to Sakura, rendering her to transform into Rose. She is 16 years old. She's athletic but not as athletic as Sakura.

Just like the women in Aki family have been Kaitous for generation, the women in Beniko family have been rabbis and infomats to the Watanabee women for the same time.

She and her family are apart of a secret group called Hāto no kagayaku yume with its members all over Japan and stationed in a town and/or city.


She is very patient, smart; sweet tempered and has a Heart of Gold.


She's been friends with Sakura since kindergarten. She and Sakura first met after Tadase moved away after a few weeks.

Role in Plot


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