Hoshizora Miragear: A Light As Bright As The Sky
Hoshizora miragia: Sora ni kagayaku hikari
General Information
DirectorChinatsu Kiseki
Series Info
Opening SongStar of The Morning Dream
Ending SongmiracleXdream

SuccessorHoshizora Miragear: A Heart Beating Dream Power
Hoshizora Miragear: A Light As Bright As The Sky (星空ミラギア:空に輝く光?) is a new series created by Chinatsu Kiseki.


Yumekawa Hikari is an ordinary 12-year old girl who loves music and is a real music fanatic. However, one day, she finds a mysterious bracelet with a set of white diamonds lined on it. Determined to discover what it is, she starts to experiment on it until she comes across the famous idol, Amano Fusako, who also has one of those bracelets but with scarlet diamonds. Suddenly, a monster in which Hikari knows as a Silence attacks the two girls and Fusako uses the mysterious bracelet to transform into a magical girl like outfit called Miragear! And it turns out Hikari can also use the Miragear!


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Miragear UsersEdit

  • Yumekawa Hikari (夢川光?)
    The main protagonist of the series. Hikari is an extreme music fanatic and can play 5 different instrument types: the piano, guitar, clarinet, trombone and violin. It is said that Hikari can detect the love and feelings put into music whether if it's a cover of a song on the internet or live. The Miragear Bracelet that she uses is the Symphonia and her theme color is white.
  • Amano Fusako (天野ふさこ?)
    An extremely famous idol and a veteran user of the Miragear, Fusako is extremely independent and very tsundere-like, nearly to the point where she doesn't even talk to Hikari. She doesn't seem to like Hikari due to her being too energetic but as the series continues, Fusako starts to get used to Hikari. The Miragear Bracelet Fusako uses is the Mystique and her theme color is red.
  • Esashi Maaya (江刺真綾?)
    Usually closed in and a daydreamer, Maaya doesn't have that many friends due to her closed in personality. However, Maaya is very talkative once someone gets to know her better. The Miragear Bracelet Maaya uses is the Resonace and her theme color is pink.




  • Akizuki Emily (秋月エミリー?)
    Hikari's childhood and best friend. Despite being kind and supportive of Hikari, Emily is also rather worrisome about Hikari fighting the Silence.





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