Hoshizora Hime

Amarillo Star-Icon

Hoshizora hime
Personal Info
SeasonMagical Warriors: Arc en Ciel Warriors Series
Hair Color Dark Gold
Eye Color Dark Green
RelativesHoshizora Usagi (mother)
Hoshizora Chris (older sister)
Hoshizora Yuma (father; desceased)
SeiyuuTadokoro Azusa
DebutEpisode 02
Alter Ego Info
NameAmarillo Star
Item(s)Color Perfume
Weapon(s)Amarillo Harp
Hair Color Gold
Eye Color Light Green
DebutEpisode 03
Theme Yellow

Hoshizora Hime (星空姫?) is one of the main characters appearing in the Magical Warriors: Arc en Ciel Guardians Series. A girl in Tsubasa and Mai's class, Hime is a very famous model and fashion designer who even has her own brand. Hime is often seen drawing dress and outfit designs for her brand. After meeting , Hime can transform into Amarillo Star, the Rainbow Guardian of Wishes who uses the power of light during battle. Her theme color is yellow.

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Main article: Hoshizora Hime / History

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Main article: Hoshizora Hime / Relationships

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