"Star Amethyst Power, Knight Up!"
―Hoshimiya Takeru, Bishounen Senshi Crystal Knights
Hoshimiya Takeru
星宮尊 Hoshimiya Takeru
Starlight Knight
SeasonBishounen Senshi Crystal Knights
Eye ColorAmethyst purple
Hair ColorBlack
Home PlaceEarth
RelativesHoshimiya Sachiko (mother)

Hoshimiya Hitoshi (father, deceased)
Koganezaki Shuichiro (Love interest)

First AppearanceAct 01: Takeru ~ Starlight Knight
Alter EgoStarlight Knight
Theme ColorPurple
Hoshimiya Takeru (星宮尊 Hoshimiya Takeru?) is the main protagonist of Bishounen Senshi Crystal Knights and is rumored to be the Prince of the Celestine Kingdom. He is the civilian identity of the Starlight Knight, the main leader of the primary heroes, the Crystal Knights. Takeru is protrayed as a regular 17-year-old boy who was living a normal life until he starts having flashbacks of the falling of the Celestine Kingdom. As the Starlight Knight, his gemstone is the Amethyst and controls the power of the stars. His theme color is purple.



Hoshimiya Takeru is a 17-year-old second year in Minato Public High School. He is a smart young man who excels most of his classes, but is shown to be bad in Mathematics and gets scolded by his teachers for coming in late. He is shown to be quite of a klutz and is shy towards romance, like how he blushes everytime Kogane-sensei flirts with him.

But deep down, Takeru is shown to be very friendly and outgoing and he tries to show other people both their flaws and strengths. He is very protective towards his loved ones and would even try to put his own life on the line for the sake of their safety, despite them telling him not to put himself into danger. Takeru hates seeing people go through their own suffering and would try to help them the best way he can and ecourage them to not focus on the negative, and focus on the positive instead.

Takeru is shown to be independent and often tells his mother that he can take care of himself due to her prone of being a worrywart about his own safety. He is a skilled manga artist, but is afraid to tell his friends because he thinks they might tease him for being a slight otaku.

Civilian AppearanceEdit

Crystal Knight AppearanceEdit





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