Hoshiko Steelstorm
星子スチールストーム 'Suchīrustomu Hoshiko'
Age15 (S1)
16 (S2)
Eye ColorPurple
Hair ColorLight Brown
Home PlaceSteelstorm Mansion
RelativesMizuki Steelstorm (mother)
Daisuke Steelstorm (father)
Takumi Steelstorm (older brother)
Japanese Voice ActorMiyuki Sawashiro

Hoshiko Steelstorm (星子スチールストーム Hoshiko Suchīrustomu) is of the main protagonists of The Steelstorms.


Hoshiko is a sweet, friendly and headstrong person, she is the daughter of the well known Steelstorms, she focuses a lot on her strength. She can overpower her opponents easily and puts a lot of hardness in combat, she is the Tough Girl and her strength is incomparable. She loves her brother altough he teases her most of the time, they have a close relationship. She is a serious student and want to be one of the bests just like her parents did, she aims to defeat Blackstar and definetly get rid of him. She loves making friends, pastries, hamburgers and sport, she's very athletic and loves swimming and doing tennis, she is also a good boxer and do martial arts. She wears most of the time purple colors, its her favorite colors and her room is almost all purple-colored. Hoshi loves exotic food and cold desserts (like parfaits, cheesecake, tiramisu and frozen yogurt), she can freeze anything by a touch and she use her cryokinetic powers for things like: freezing water, lower temperature. Whenever she's angry or excited, her telekinetic powers and super strength goes out of control: things flies all around and she smashes things just by putting her hand on something, she tries her hardest to control her powers and mostly her super strength.


Hoshiko has curled light brown hair with a purpld ribbon at the middle of her hair, she has purple eyes and is pale-skinned, she's medium-sized.

She wears mostly purple and flashy colors, printed stars on her clothes, glitters, star shaped earrings or rings. She loves clothes who are printed with fantasy things, animals or with jewels.

Her Whitelake uniform consist of a navy blue blazer with a cape, in the middle are gold buttons with in the left and right sides gold lines, a white chemise, a pleated skirt with a light blue and red check motif and a white layer. She wears white socks going to her knees and brown loafers.


Hoshi is kind, caring, friendly, determined, headstrong and strong-willed, she never let people make fun of her and her super strength somewhat made her scary, she is always excited and cannot be made angry easily.

If she's angry or excited some of her powers (like telekinesis and cryokinesis) loses control, she's an hardworker and tries her hardest to control her powers. She is always teased by Takumi but she loves her brother and cares a lot about family, she has good relationships with people but hates when people are making fun of her friends or herself.


Hoshiko (星 Hoshi) mean star and (子 Ko) means child. Hoshiko means star child.

Steel (スチール Suchīru) is an alloy of metal and Storm (ストーム Sutomu) is a weather disturbance.

Alter EgoEdit

Tough Girl is the alter ego chosen by Hoshiko because she's hard to beat on battles, its also because she has a reputation of a girl who's not afraid of challenges and extreme situations. Her toughness also allows her to keep a cool head in serious or critic situations, it enables her to not go in a panic crisis when things get hard.

Because she focuses a lot on her strength, she's kind of indestructible, classmates at school says that she's twice as powerful as Hulk or The Thing from the Fantastic Four. She can lift containers, cars, lampposts on streets or even an airplane, her strength as been listed as immeasurable by Whitelake Super Academy's headmistress.

She is a tough fighter and is also harder to beat when she's in her ice form, her strength is increased and she can freeze anything that touches her, her knowledge of martial arts and fighting skills makes her an incredible opponent.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Superhuman Strength - The power she uses the most, she can lift things thrice her weight: containers, airplanes, trucks, cars. She can destroy buildings (just by punching on the pillars), she can destroy mountains by a punch, she can cut things with her hand and send her opponents kilometers away.
  • Superhuman Speed - Hoshi can run faster than any normal human, running kilometers without being exhausted, its very useful when she's pursuing someone and uses her speed in fights, allowing her to overpower her opponent more easily.
  • Superhuman Reflexes - She reacts faster than normal humans, without having to train a lot and have capabilities more acute than normal humans.
  • Superhuman Durability - She has denser bones and a condition at the peak of what a human can support, she can be under debris of a building but without being harmed.
    • Immortality - Superhumans are immortal, they can be beaten hardly but they can die.
  • Superhuman Leap - She can jump talls buildings, doing high jumps and dodging attacks.
  • Flight - Hoshi can fly long distances, she can fly at super speed and without being exhausted.
  • Telekinesis - Hoshi can move things with her mind, she just have to put two fingers on her temples and focus on the object she wants to move. She can avoid projectiles with this powers.
  • Cryokinesis - She can freeze anything by touch, she can transform anything into ice, she can lower temperature to zero degrees, freeze water etc.... She can generate ice whenever she want.
    • Cryokinetic Constructs - Hoshi can create golems, weapons and walls made out of ice, she can create anything out of ice.
    • Cryokinetic Combat - She can fuse her cryokinetic abilities with her combat skills, she can also imprison her enemies on ice cages, creates ice walls and create ice on the ground on which her opponents will fall on.
    • Ice Breath - She can breath ice and freeze anything just by breathing.
    • Ice Mimicry - She can transform her body into living ice, increasing her strength and she's unbreakable.
    • Fire Immunity - She's immunized to fire, in her ice form, she can't melt.
    • Cold Immunity - Because of her cryokinetic abilities, she's immunized to cold.
  • Hand-to-hand Combat: She is an extremely good fighter, she knows a lot about martial arts, she is also a powerful boxer. She can put a hard battle and can get rid of her opponent easily and is a skilled fighter.


Takumi SteelstormEdit

Older brother/Best friend

Takumi always teased Hoshiko, he sometimes pranks her but they care a lot about each other and if someone pick on his sister, he can be scary, when Hoshi cries, is sad or demoralized, he would do anything to make her smile. He always carries a picture of a 5 years old Hoshiko with him.

Tsumiko KawashimaEdit

Best friend

Hoshi support Tsumiko's relationship with Takumi a lot, she hates when girls at her school makes fun of Tsumiko, she sometimes talks about her problems with her and Tsumiko gives good advices to her. When she was touched by an laser of Zenithium and turned a superhuman, she helps her a lot with her powers and gives her good advices.

Kazuki IshimotoEdit


Kazuki is the classmate of Hoshiko, he always teases her and gives her "cheesy" names like: hard egg, hard head or even Hulk. She knows him since her childhood and he always teased her, but as close as they get, he started to fell in love with her. She wasn't feeling the same thing until he saved her from a fall.


  • Favorite Foods: Barbecue burger, french fries, curry pan, grilled meat, fried chicken, chips, pizza, apple pie, waffles, japanese styled crepes and club sandwiches.
  • Favorite Drinks: Cola, apple juice, mint milk and water.
  • Favorite Color: Purple
  • Her favorite superheroes are: Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Starfire, Argent and Scarlet Witch.
    • She loves superheroines more than superheroes.
  • She loves dogs and hamsters.
  • She likes glitch hop music.

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