"Ruby Power, Knight Up!"
―Honoshiba Ryou, Bishounen Senshi Crystal Knights
Honoshiba Ryou
炎柴涼 Honōshiba Ryō
Ruby Knight
SeasonBishounen Senshi Crystal Knights
Eye ColorRuby red
Hair ColorBlack
Home PlaceEarth
RelativesSunozaki Touji (Legal guardian)
First AppearanceAct 06: Ryou ~ Ruby Knight
Alter EgoRuby Knight
Theme ColorRed
Honoshiba Ryou (炎柴涼 Honōshiba Ryō?) is the third protagonist of Bishounen Senshi Crystal Knights. He is the civilian form of one the main Crystal Knights, Ruby Knight. Ryou is introduced as a serious young man who lives in the Akamine Shrine with his guardian, Sunozaki Touji and doesn't take any nonsense from anyone. He currently goes to Hijirizaki Academy which is two blocks away from Minato Public High School. Ryou is very loyal to his teammates, especially Takeru , but he sometimes butt heads with Hikaru, forcing the others to break them up. As the Ruby Knight, his gemstone is the red ruby and channels the power of Fire. His theme color is red.



Civilian AppearanceEdit

Crystal Knight AppearanceEdit




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