Not to be confused to Akemi Homura, her original Japanese Counterpart.

Hilda Adams
"Try to think that I stole Molly's underwear again or I'll..."
Japanese Name ヒルダ・アダムス
Appears in Magical Molly!

Magical Molly! comic series

Age 10 (Dubbed series)

14 - 16 (Magica Comics)

Gender Female
Race Human

Magical Girl

Hair Color Black
Eye Color Purple
Personal Status
Relatives Her Family (Mentioned)

Unnamed Brother (IDW Magical Molly!)

Occupation Student

Magical Girl

VA (English) Bella Hudson (4Kids dub)

Christina Vee (current media)

VA (Japanese) Togashi Misuzu (Japanese redub)

Chiwa Saito (Current media)

Hilda Anderson (Short named Hilda Adams) is one of the main characters of the series: Magical Molly!. She is first seen by Molly in a dream of her fighting a monster in a desolate landscape of skyscrapers.

In the Japanese dub, various scenes of Hilda are re-dubbed as Homura Akemi, Hilda's prime-universe counterpart and accidental creator of the Magical Molly! continuity. Despite this, the Homura that appears in the show is a separate character from Hilda.


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Hilda Adams is the new kid at school, she’s smart and sporty but watch out because she’s got a short-temper! She takes her role as a magical girl very seriously and gets mad when others take it lightly. She’s not all cold though she has a soft side to her but doesn’t like to show it, she also seems to keep the promise she made with Cubey a secret. She’s one mysterious girl alright!

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Hilda Adams was a weak and shy girl in the beginning, until she grew cold after knowing Cubey's true intentions. She was athletic, smart and cool, compared to her past memory.

In the Japanese version, Hilda's personality is changed. She is depicted as the "straight woman" and often breaks the fourth wall, commenting on the idiosyncrasies of 4Kids' edits, as well as her own change of voice. However, she is the only character who remembers her past in the original Madoka Magica series in this dub, with all other characters getting new English names and personalities due to Homura accidentally spilling coffee on a 4Kids executive's laptop, causing him to license Madoka Magica instead of Rocket Monsters, a Pokémon-like children's series.

Voice Actress

  • English: Bella Hudson (4Kids dub), Christina Vee (Current media_
  • Japanese: Togashi Misuzu (Japanese redub), Chiwa Saito (current media)


Meeting Molly

Going to the path of becoming a Magical Girl

The Dark Truth


Molly Kelley


She had strong hatred to Cubey, starting from Timeline 3. Before she finds his true intentions, she wishes to become a Magical Girl after witnessing Molly saves her. After becoming a Magical Girl, she partners with her and finds a shocking truth, and find Cubey's true intentions.Prelude

Sabrina Mickey

Maria Thompson

Kacey Stevens

Differences between her character in the original TV series/Trivia

  • Her 4Kids Dub personality remains the same in the Japanese version.
  • Her time-resetting is re-edited into reversing time instead of creating a new timeline.
  • Similar to the original Homura Akemi, she remains her sweet, shy, and bashful/cynical, somber, and aloof personality in the 4Kids dub.

Hilda Adams in the Magica Comics continuity


Main Article:Hilda Adams in the Magica Comics Continuity

  • Hilda's role remains in the comic series.
  • Her origins is different than the dub itself.
  • Her Magic Gem bears the dark essence of the Magical Girl of Pure Darkness.
    • Coincidentally, she is the next incarnation of the dark Magical girl itself.
  • In the comic adaption of Magical Molly!, her username in the internet is "HomuHomu", which was also a reference of Homura's fan nickname.
  • In Magical Molly! The Animation, her phone's ringtone plays a part of Chiwa Saito's Staple Stable.
  • It was revealed that Hilda Adams will be upgraded with a new look in her future appearances.
    • Her official new form's name is "Lila-Ritter Hilda" (Which translates as Purple/Violet Knight)


Normal Form

Her default form, which she uses it for everyday life.

Magical Girl Form

she uses it to fight witches, and hunt down Cubey.


See: Hilda Adams/Merchandise



  • Originally Chiwa Saito is going to reprise her role as Hilda (Homura), but it was turned down due to her family duties after marriage, and it was replaced by Togashi Misuzu.
    • Ironically, the other reason that Chiwa denies her role-reprising it's because she will ruin Homura's fame.
  • She was originally going to be named "Hailey".
  • Her Japanese VA: Togashi Misuzu, is also known for voicing a similar character who is actually an AST soldier.
    • Misuzu also voices the "prime" Homura Akemi during her Japanese-only appearance in Episode 10.



    This is what happpens when Hilda wanted to dominate the Cake Planet BY FORCE.

    According to the upcoming guide book: Magical Molly! The Complete Works, she was intended to have an alternate dark form (IF 4KIDS DIDN'T CANCEL THE DUB WITH NEW EPISODES) based on Demon Homurafrom The Rebellion Story (See right pic), dubbed as "Dark Hilda", or also known as 'Hilda, the Magical Girl of Pure Darkness"
    • However this design is revived in the upcoming Comic Series.
    • If this really exists, She will become the VERY first Magical Molly-verse Puella Magi to have a Dark form.


  • So far Hilda is the only character with her original universe's counterpart.

Foreign names

  • Japanese: ヒルダ·アダムス (Hiruda· Adamusu)
  • Chinese: 希尔达·亚当斯 (Xī ěr dá·yàdāngsī)