Hetalia Magix
(Hetaria Majikkusu)

Funimation Entertainment

StudioStudio DEEN
LicensorFunimation Entertainment

Hulu Online Network

Original RunOngoing
Opening SongOP 1: Spread Your Wings! sung by Perfume

OP 2: Fountain Light sung by Aya Hirano
OP 3: Dan Dan Kokoro Hikareteku sung by Okamoto Nobuhiko

Ending SongED 1: Rainbow Sky sung by Perfume

ED 2: Make A Wish sung by Momoiro Clover Z
ED 3: One Wish sung by Suzuki Tatsuhisa

Hetalia Magix (ヘタリアマジックス Hetaria Majikkusu?)also known as Hetalia Axis Powers: Magix is a magical boy fanseries created by CureKurogane and directed by Studio DEEN. This series is based on Hetalia Axis Powers created by Hidekazu Himaruya, and it tells about five boys gifted with special powers called Magix which allows them to transform into fairies and fight dark beings called Demons who are trying to invade the Earth. This series is based and inspired by the Italian magical girl series Winx Club because of the fairy and magic motif.


17-year-old twins, Alfred and Matthew were living their normal lives on Earth. But then one day, the two brothers find themselves in danger, for they were attacked by strange dark creatures called Demons and just as they were in the brink of their deaths, they both released strange magical energy created from fire and lightning energy. That's when a pink fairy came out of nowhere and destroyed the Demon right before it could get to them.

The pink fairy introduced himself as Feliciano and he tells them that he was shocked that Alfred and Matthew had unleashed their Magix on the Demons. Before Alfred and Matthew could say anything, Feliciano tells them that he is from a magical world known as Irissa, where magical creatures as well as fairies come from. He even tells them about Magix, a mystical power that holds within a person: male or female and it can be used for combat. He even explains that if they awaken their Magix, they can transform into their fairy forms.

Because of their strong Magix hidden within them, Alfred and Matthew were told that they could help Feliciano as well as his two other friends: Arthur and Kiku fight the Demons that have took over Irissa and are planning to take over the Earth. Shocked, yet determined, the two brothers accepted the offer to fully awaken their Magix and fight the Demons. However, what they don't know is that they will discover something shocking that it will change their lives forever.


The Magix TeamEdit

  • Alfred F. Jones (ルフレッド・F・ジョーンズ Arufureddo F. Jōnzu?) : The main protagonist of the series.  Alfred is 17 years old, who currently lives with his guardian, Greywolf in New York City. He enjoys reading comics, eating junk food (although he doesn't gain weight), and watching superhero movies. Alfred is shown to be very protective of his friends especiall his younger twin brother, Matthew. He can transform into the Fairy of Fire and his theme color is red/orange.
  • Feliciano Vargas (フェリチアーノ・ヴァルガス Ferichiāno Varugasu?) : Feliciano native from Irissa and the prince of Solare. He is very cheerful and bubbly and was once a scaredy-cat before the series started. He lost his fear when his kingdom was attacked and was able to fully awaken his Magix. Feliciano was the first person to witness Alfred and Matthew use their Magix to attack the Dragons and decides to help them awaken their Magix completely. He can transform into the Fairy of Light and his theme color is pink.
  • Matthew Williams (マシュー・ウィリアムズ Mashyū Uiriamuzu?) : Matthew is the younger twin brother of Alfred. Unlike his brother, Matthew is much calmer and responsible. He also enjoys comics, but he mostly reads them when he is outdoors. 17 years old, Matthew currently lives in New York City with Greywolf and Alfred and he often scolds his brother for either his antics or his recklessness and shows a strong bond with Feliciano. He can transform into the Fairy of Thunder and his theme color is yellow.
  • Arthur Kirkland (アーサー・カークランド Āsā Kākurando?) :  Arthur is the prince of Aero and one of the members of the Magix team. Arthur is shown to be serious and acts like a gentleman especially towards women. He has a very sharp eye and is shown to be sensitive. He was a bit skeptical about Alfred being part of the Magix team because of his recklessness, but manages to respect him and often keep him from hurting himself. He can transform into the Fairy of Wind and his theme color is green.
  • Honda Kiku (本田菊 Honda Kiku?) : Kiku is the last member of the Magix team (until Hercules joins). Kiku is very gentle and kind towards the people around him and enjoys dressing up in cosplay. He is the prince of Mizuna, a Japanese-themed kingdom that is surrounded by water, which explains why he enjoys watching the ocean. Even thought he's quiet and friendly, he is shown to be a strong fighter and refuses to let any person drag him down. He can transform into the Fairy of Water and his theme color is blue.
  • Hercules Karpusi (ヘラクレス・カルプシ Herakuresu Karupushi?):  The sixth and last member of the Magix team. Hercules is a calm young man who enjoys cats and sleeping. Like Arthur, Hercules is very serious, but deep inside he is a fun-loving young man who loves to try out new things. It is revealed that he is the prince of Aestrea, a Greek-themed kingdom that is located in the stars in the sky. Despite his calmness, Hercules is shown to have a scary temper and would often snap when he sees his teammates get hurt or someone makes fun of him and it can be very traumatizing when he's mad. He can transform into the Fairy of the Stars and his theme color is purple.


  • Vladimir (ウラジーミル Urajīmiru?) : One of the main generals of the Demons. He looks young but he's a bit older than you think. Spoiled, stuck-up, and arrogant, Vladimir will stop at nothing to get what he wants. He bestows the Magix of the Vampire.
  • Natalia (ナタリア Nataria?) : The sole female of the Demons. Hostile and dangerous, Natalia's goal is to bring everyone in Irissa down to her knees as well as the people on Earth. She also has an obsession of controlling people and sometimes killing them mercilessly. She bestows the Magix of the Harpy.
  • Alard (アラルド Ararudo?) :  Alard is the last member of the Demons, but he poses as the leader of the group. He is serious and often follow what he plans and makes sure he gets the duty done. He despises happiness and enjoys seeing people suffer in front of him. He bestows the Magix of the Werewolf.

World of IrissaEdit

  • King and Queen of Irissa (アイリサの王と女王 Airisa no Ō to Joō?) : The King and Queen of Irissa are the main rulers of the realm and the birth parents of Alfred and Matthew. Like their sons, the King and Queen are powerful fairies that fought for Irissa until the Demons sealed away their power. Much is not known about them, but they are shown to be very loving to Alfred and Matthew. Their names were revealed to be King Fredrick and Queen Céline.
  • Greywolf (グレイウルフ Gureiurufu?) : Alfred and Matthew's bodyguard/legal guardian. He is a tall male in his early to mid-40s, and is of Native American descent. He brought the two boys to Earth when the Demons were attacking Irissa and raised them on his own as if they were his own children. Greywolf is from a tribal kingdom called Aurora, which the Aurora lights shine over.  He is a determined and protective man who will risk his life to keep Alfred and Matthew safe and as for romance, he is shown to be extremely protective of the boys. Greywolf isn't part of the Magix team but he can transform into the Fairy of Aurora and his theme color is white.


Powers and ItemsEdit

Magic SpellsEdit





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