More than meets the eye!

-The TV Series' Slogan

Henkei! Transformers! THE ANIMATION

Transformers Classics: THE ANIMATED SERIES

Kanji ヘンケイ!トランスフォーマー THE ANIMATION
TV Series information
Producers Jeff Kline
Episodes 2 (Currently)

98 (Ordered)

Airdate 2014
Languages English


Music By Toshihiko Sahashi

Steve Jablonsky

Picture format 16:9
Opening Theme Transformers Theme (English)

Henkei! Transformers (Japanese)

Closing Theme Transformers Theme Instrumental (English)

Iridescent (Japanese)

Studio Marvel Productions

J.C. Staff

Distributor Hasbro


Original Channel TV Tokyo

TBS Cartoon Network HUB

Henkei! Transformers is a Japanese Anime Series, based on the Transformers toy series made by Hasbro/Takara tomy. The series is based on the Generation 1 cartoon/Henkei! Henkei! pack-in comics/IDW Publising continuity.



List of Characters from Henkei! Transformers


  • Season 1
  1. The Autobots rise!
  2. Arrival to Earth

Theme SongsEdit

  • English Version:
    • Opening: Transformers Theme (English)
    • Ending: Transformers Theme (Instrumental)
  • Japanese Version:

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