Handsome Knight Royal Senshi
(Bishōnen kishi Roiyaru Senshi)
StudioToei Animation
LicensorToei Animation

Funimation Entertainment

NetworkTV Asahi
Original RunFebruary 3, 2016 - ongoing
Handsome Knight Royal Senshi (美少年騎士ロイヤルセンシ Bishōnen Kishi Roiyaru Senshi?) is a magical boy manga created by CureKurogane. The series is based on the Sailor Moon series created by Naoko Takeuchi and it was serialized by Kodansha Comics on January 2016. The series follows five high-school boys who transform into the Royal Senshi and fight a dark witch named Queen Lillitha, who is trying to gain control of the Earth as well as the Solar System. 


Centuries ago, a large division called the Crystal Kingdom shone gracefully over the Solar System. Ruled under a powerful queen named, Queen Irissa, the kingdom lived peacefully until a dark power loomed over. Soon, the Crystal Kingdom was attacked and the culprit was nothing but Queen Lilitha. With her dark power, she killed everyone including the five Princes of the Crystal Kingdom. Refusing to take anymore tragedy, Queen Irissa used all of her power to send the fallen Princes to Earth, where they will be reborn as teenagers.

Years later, 17-year-old Hidazaki Juuichirou is living a normal life until he was attacked by one of Queen Lilitha's generals. Just as he was about to be finished, he is saved by a white lion, who gives him a magical amulet, allowing him to transform into the Helios Knight, the Royal Senshi of Fire and Courage. Not only that he must find a mystical artifact called the Silver Crystal of the Staints to restore the Crystal Kingdom.

With the help of four comrades, the five band together to find the Silver Saint Crystal and revive the Kingdom as well as the five Princes.


Royal SenshiEdit

Hidazaki Juuichirou (日田崎重一臈 Hidazaki Jūichirō?) / Helios Knight (ヘリオスナイト Heriosu Naito?)
Voiced by: Miyano Mamoru
Juuichirou is the main protagonist in the series. 17 years old and in the second year, he is shown to be an easy-going and friendly young man, and is a star in the school basketball team. However, he isn't very good with his grades and is easily scolded by his homeroom teacher because of his tardiness. In the beginning of the series, Juuichirou winds up having flashbacks about the Crystal Kingdom being invaded and Queen Irissa using the Saint Silver Crystal, which started as a dream at first. Juuichirou transforms into the Helios Knight and his element is Fire.

Miraino Naoya (未来野直也 Miraino Naoya?) / Nova Knight (ノーヴァナイト Nōvu~a Naito?)
Voiced by: Romi Park 
The second main protagonist of the series. Naoya is your happy-go-lucky kind of guy who seems to not care what other people thinks of him, no matter how negative they say. He is shown to be very understanding to what's going on and how he can do to help others, when they seem to be in a pinch. Naoya is shown to be very crazy about girls and whenever he sees a pretty female walking past him, he would go after her, much to the others annoyance. Like Juuichirou, Naoya isn't very good with academics and he would sleep in class. Naoya can transform into the Nova Knight and his element is Holy Light.

Kimori Shingo (黄森慎吾 Kimori Shingo?) / Zeus Knight (ゼウスナイト Zeusu Naito?)
Voiced by: Ryoko Shiraishi





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