Hair Flip
Episode Information
Directed by Ryouki Kamitsubo
Airdate 2014
Languages English
Duration 1 Minute
Studio SHAFT
Distributor Aniplex
Episode Navigation
Sabrina's Violin Lesson
―Hilda after recording Raven's hair-flipping.

Hair Flip is the 3nd 1-minute Short based on Magica Quartlet's Magical Molly.


Raven does the Hilda hair flip, privately.


Raven enters the room, locks the door, faces at the mirror, and she tries Hilda's hair flip. After a fewer attempts, she succeeded, and leaves the room quietly. Hilda emerges from the Wardrobe, as she lighty grins after she finally finished recording Raven's hair flipping.

Characters AppearingEdit

  • Raven
  • Hilda Adams



  • Maaya Uchida - Raven (vocals/grunts only)
  • Cristina Vee - Hilda Adams (Chiwa Saito in the Japanese Dub)


  • Director - Ryouki Kamitsubo


  • For some reason:
    • this Episode shows that Hilda is a stalker.
    • Raven cannot hear the camera's clicking even though she enters a very quiet room.
  • It was unknown that why Hilda needs to record Raven's hair flipping. Probably that was Raven's embarassing secret?

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