Hailey Gunderson is the main character in Warriors of Symphogear.

Hailey Gunderson
Japanese Name Tachibana Hibiki
Appears in Warriors of Symphogear
Age 15
Gender Female
Race Human
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Orange
Personal Status
Relatives Mia Duncan (Cousin)
Occupation Student, Heroine
VA (English) Laura Bailey
VA (Japanese) Aoi Yuki

She goes to a great school, has amazing friends, and just got tickets to a famous concert! But on the day of the show, aliens attack...

Personality Edit

Hailey is shown to be a perky, helpful girl. At times she can be oblivious, but always shines when she needs to.

She is also a scaredy-cat, and a lot less serious than her original counterpart, Hibiki Tachibana.

Abilities Edit

When Hailey sings the phrase 'I need your power, unlock please.', she transforms into Music Hailey, is powered-up version of herself. She is a bit more brave, but still quirky.

Due to her soul being fused with Gungnir, Hailey doesn't need a pendant to transform.

Her weapon is a pair of gauntlets named the Orange Fists.

Changes and Edits Edit

  • In the original, Hibiki's catchphrase was 'I think I'm cursed.' Everytime this comes up in WoS, Hailey is shown saying 'Why is it always me?'
  • Hibiki was shown to be perky at times, while Hailey is perky pretty much the entire time.
  • Unlike Hibiki, who helps out just to help out, Hailey helps out because she knows that she'll get something in return.
  • Hailey is also much more scared than Hibiki.
  • Whenever Hibiki is shown in a sexual way, the scene is ether painted over with something else or edited out completely.
  • Hailey is prone to (happy) emotional outburst more than Hibiki.

Quotes Edit

"This fist...your face!" - Season 2, Episode 6

"Kara told me what to do. She told me never to give up on my dreams! And that means...I WON'T GIVE UP!!!!!!" - Season 1, Episode 12

"I'm really confused. You told me were could be partners in this! Why are you trying to fight me? I don't wanna fight you!" - Season 1, Episode 3

"I need your power, unlock please..." - Her transformation phrase.

"Huwwwwwaaaaaaah!!!!" - Various

"Stop singing that! You don't know who you're fighting against!" - Season 2, Episode 7

"We're partners in this. Now...let's go kick Fiona's butt!" - Season 1, Episode 13

Gallery Edit

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