Ground Zero
Episode Information
Episode no. 5
Directed by Keitaro Motonaga
Writers Hideki Shirane
Airdate TBA
Languages English
Duration 22 Minutes
Studio AIC+
Episode Navigation
Here comes Yarona
A New Girl in Town
Ground Zero is the 5th Episode of Date A Live.


to be added

Characters appearing in this EpisodeEdit

  • Samuel Issac
  • Yarona
  • Kallie Issac
  • Tamara
  • Octavia Tally

Censorships/Changes made from this EpisodeEdit

  • A scene of Origami after taking a shower is removed.
  • A Few scenes with the clevarage lines are removed.
  • Yoshino's nude body is airbrushed.


  • The title: "Ground Zero" shares a similar title to the original episode's title.

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