Gretel's Twisted Adventures
(''Gurēteru no tsuisuto boken)
StudioJ.C Staff
NetworkTV Tokyo
Original RunJuly 9, 2016
Opening SongMetal Heart
Ending SongBravery

Gretel's Twisted Adventures (グレーテルのツイスト冒険 Guretēru no tsuisuto boken) is a series created by MikuHatsune145. It is a fantasy detective story.


Gretel is full of revenge and has questions: why her parents were mysteriously gone and killed? And why her little brother Hansel was kidnappped? Her brother mysteriously disappeared and her parents mysteriously killed, she is ready to discover the truth about all that, find her brother and defeat the one behind al that. With her ally and friend the sweet witch Candy they will both goes far away from the woods and travel the city of Erzhausen. Trained to fight by herself and how to use her magically enhanced gun thanks to Candy, she will start her adventures all around Germany. Candy actually found clues about her parents' death who remains a mystery for the police force. She is determined to know who was responsible for that and what is happening to her brother actually. Something actually catched her attention, she remembered that to let his family eat their father worked at Rumpel Industries, she investigated on it and found a name: Rumpeltiltskin who built almost everything in the city of Erzhausen. Rumpel almost "owns" the city because he doesn't only built the city's buildings, but also has his own stores, toys and food. But Gretel knows there is something suspicious about him.


  • Color: Green

Gretel is the rebellious, curious and tough girl determined to discover the truth, she trains a lot to increase her fighting and magic abilities given to her by Candy. She always tries to find clues everywhere she goes and often visits the police to see Albert Billinger, an investigator from the police force and her ally. With her newfound powers she often uses her precognition powers to see the past and find clues. She is kind, warm-hearted and often smiles but she can be tough when fighting and when she asks questions but is can reveal a kinder side when she is investigating. Gretel likes baking, sewing, investigating and training, she is always determined to discover the truth. She misses her brother but she knows that he is alive, she can communicate with him via telepathy and know what he feels. It was shown that Gretel already possessed powers of her own, being able to move objects with the mind since she is little. She also already possessed her precognition powers and her link with her brother, along with her rare powers to control holy fire and water.

  • Color: Pink

Candy is a dynamic, kind and a bit crazy girl, she's very powerful and her crazy behaviors sometimes ends her in trouble, she granted powers to Gretel but she knew that she already possessed powers. She loves doing magic, baking cakes and doing (mostly eating) sweets and helping Gretel. She loves investigating even tough she's not always discreet due to her always being excited. But she can be very serious when things are critical, she is a very powerful witch and her candy based abilities allows her to lure everyone. She loves baking, flying with her broom and eating candies, her wish is to become a recognized baker. Gretel is like her bestfriend and they share a lot in common, she comforts her when she thinks about her brother and maked her smile with her sweets. She wants to see Gretel happy again with her brother and wants to be "the happiest witch ever".


  • Todesstoß (lit. Death blow) - Gretel's iconic steampunk looking gun, the green orb on it contains powerful magic which enhances every bullet she shots. She can also combine her holy water and fire powers to use her magical techniques. It was her father's gun which she took and modified.
  • Star Wand - The steampunk looking wand of Candy, it allows her to do her crazy magic spells and attacks, it contains very powerful magic.



The city in Germany where Gretel and Candy lives, the city is almost owned by Rumpel Industries, where Gretel's parents worked. The police force and the half of its commerce comes from Rumpel.

Gretel's House

The house in the woods where Gretel and her brother lives, it is far away from the town and is located near a lake. This is one of the main place of the story.

Gingerbread House

The candy made house where Candy lives, it is located next to Gretel's house and is magically made.


  • This version of Hansel and Gretel features another character created by Grimm: Rumpeltiltskin.
    • This time the parents are not featured but killed.
    • The witch is not an antagonist but an ally of the antagonist.
  • The story features a XVIII Germany.
  • The characters are mainly steampunk styled.

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