NetworkTV Tokyo
Original RunMarch 13, 2016
Opening SongInsight
Ending SongBlue Eyes


Masato Ashford isn't a normal boy, since his birth, he possesses an absolute intellect that allows him to do things unable for normal humans. Born from two psychic parents: Harumi Matsugawa and Spencer Ashford. Because of his intellect and powers, the director of the Blue Corporation, Charlie Stanford, a Delta third-level psychic, wanted Masato to take him and raise him as the leader of an army of psychic childs. His parents refused, but days later, they was taken by the Blue Corp. , killed in front him. He cried during days and was lost in the streets, his house destroyed. Now, he's 14 years old and is determined to avenge his parents and destroy the Blue Corporation. With his friends who are in the same case, he will stop Charlie's plans and will destroy all the Blue Corporation headquarters. And will also heal all the parents who were "revived" by the Blue Virus, but are transformed into enhanced superhumans with incredibly powerful psychic powers but with the only feelings of hatred and the only envy to kill.



  • Color: Indigo Blue
  • Hobbies: Reading, jazz music, practicing, going out with his friends.

Masato may be the powerfulest young psychic who ever existed, being an Alpha third-level psychic, the powerfulest level of psychic. His tests revealed that at the age of six, he already had a godlike intelligence and powerful psychic powers. With this intelligence, he renovated a little destroyed house into an high-tech house, far from the towns so the Blue Corp. wouldn't retrieve him. He, at the age of seven, infiltrated a headquarter of Blue, stealed a PC and hacked it. With this pc, he is able to access the Blue Corp's website and can locate all the headquarters. Masato, aside of all that, is kind, good and despite his situation, is always smiling, with all his friends: Éléonore, Yuki , Miya, Nao, Yoshi and Hideki, he likes going out with them, laughing with them and practicing his powers with them. He is described as cute by the girls and his electric blue eyes (who takes a whitey/blue shade when using Cryokinesis) are his notable features. He can communicate with his parents, with the power of Astral Projection.

  • Color: Lime Green
  • Hobbies: Wearing hats, bunnies, wearing green.

Miya is a cheerful, kind and excited girl who loves wearing hats, cheerful colors and love bunnies, she always wear green and the leaf like peridot necklace, given by her father at her third birthday. Her favorite power is the power to shrink everything to a miniature size, she likes using this power to go on places a normal human can go (like a hole in a wall). She also loves skiing, jet skiing and paragliding, she's very adventurous and is not afraid of touching insects, as she can take the same size of an insect. Her and Nao are bestfriends and they are always there for each other, the personality of Nao she loves the most is Nikki, who is very protective over her. She is also willing to protect her friends and to save her father, she also always carries the bunny her mother had given to her before she passed away, at that time, Nao's parents casted a spell on her mother's body to stay what it is like forever. But, Blue, decided to take on Miya's mother's body and infused the Blue Virus onto it, transforming her into a mutant. Knowing this, she is even more determined to destroy Blue Corporation.

  • Colors: Pink (normal), Dark Pink (Nikki), Fluo Green (Nicole), Pastel Blue (Nira), Purple (Nina), Pastel Pink (Niree), Peach (Nirel).
  • Hobbies: Magic, science, casting spells.

Nao is the only known psychic to be also a witch (more precisely an alchemist) being born from a witch mother who descends from a long witch lineage. She learns magic since she is a child and her mother sometimes pushed her to use her powers while she was unaware of it. She loves pink and always wear pentagrams, she possesed the ability to alter her personality entirely (her best known personality is Nikki) and learns how to control all of her personalities (she can also communicate with them). She and Miya are bestfriends since kindergarten and they are alwats here for each other (especially when both of their parents were killed or in Miya's case, her father), Nao has always been very protective of her bestfriends. She wasn't aware of Hideki's feelings for her but, she started to see that he have feelings for her and they both started a romantic relationship, Miya really supports them to be together. She's happy to have found new friends and want to keep them with her.

  • Color: Red
  • Hobbies: Taking care of his little brother, talking about Nao, cooking, doing guitar, playing chess.

Hideki is a kind and very calm guy and is also very protective of his brother and friends, he is good at cooking and loves doing guitar and taking care of his brother. He can manipulate cells and blood at his will, he is considered to be a "Vamp psychic", some psychics are able to manipulate blood at their will, calling them some sort of vampires. Hideki loves talking about Nao, as he is deeply in love with her, her wasn't aware of that, until he bought her, the pack of rings she wanted at the antique shop. He is very friendly, but can be very harsh when someone harms his friends and mostly his brother. He loves laughing and doing jokes, with his ability, he can enhance his speed, energy and stamina, he also likes becoming invisible, a power his brother calls "Power Chameleon". He is also strong at doing chess, as he won more than three times, chess tournaments. He is also very artistic and likes classic music composers (like Beethoven, Wagner and his favorite Vivaldi), Yoshi likes pretending to be the maestro and takes a baton and like doing the maestro's moves. He is a caring older brother and would never abandon his friends.

  • Color: Dark Blue
  • Hobbies: Playing games, chess, playing with his brother, playing flute.

Hideki's little brother, Yoshi is cute and caring, he can communicate with his brother without difficulty with his telepathy, both Hideki and Yoshi have a mind link who appeared at birth. Despite being born the same day, they look like each other but not like twins, but some people call them twins. Yoshi loves playing chess with his brother and calls him "a good rival", he is impressed by how he won lots of chess tournaments, he also loves playing flute and is quite good at it. He loves crafting and is good at arts, he dreams to be a painter or a house designer, he likes doing models of dreamhouses and painting them so he is a bit between the two. He is very friendly just like his brother, his favorite powers are invisibility (wich he calls "Power Chameleon") and the ability to disintegrate everything just by pointing his father at the thing he wants to disintegrate. He is a good friend and just like his brother, he would never abandon them.


Charlie is the head of the Blue Corporation, he is sadistic, cruel and horrible, he had a very hard childhood: he and his mother were beaten up by his father and his mother later killed. He was abused by his father, he was locked in a wardrobe whenever he did something bad and was forced to be his father's slave. As he grew up, he started developping his powers and decided to use them, to kill his father and avenge his mother. He grew very crazed and built Blue Corporation, he disguised it as a high-tech industry but his plans are very dark. When he learn out that Masato had a godlike intelligence, being born by two powerful psychics and having both of their powers. He wants him to be the leader of his army of psychic childs and want to keep his friends in Blue's labs, he knows Masato wants to destroy him but Charlie, aims to brainwash him so he would be at his side.


Blue Corporation Headquarters

Blue Corp.'s headquarters are implanted almost all around Japan, disguised as an high tech industry, but the headmaster's real plans are: creating a whole army of psychic childs all around Japan, implants the Blue Corporation all around the world and take control of it. The Blue Corp is ruled by Charlie.

Masato's House

An high-tech house renovated by Masato himself (makes sense with his smartness), he built rooms and bathrooms for Miya, Hideki and Yoshi so they can have a place to live. Its far away from the town and it is hide by a huge black gate and has grass and trees around.

Nao's Cave

The cave who serve as Nao's magic domain and house, the doors are on the grass and Nao can hide with her magic. It is full of grimoires, magic wands and has a science lab, there is a room, a bathroom and everything a house needs.


  • The Blue Corporation has smilarities with Umbrella from Resident Evil:
    • Both have evil plans but disguise them from the public.
    • Both creates biological weaponry.
    • Both created a virus that mutates (or in this case gave people special powers and superhuman condition).
    • Both use humans as guinea pigs.
    • Both creates drugs and pharmaceutical things.

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