Gargoyles DN is a Gargoyles Fan Series by CureSailorMoon1617

Gargoyles DN
Kanji ガーゴイルのDN
TV Series information
Directed by CureSailorMoon1617
Producers CureSailorMoon1617
Writers CureSailorMoon1617
Episodes 52
Music By CureSailorMoon1617
Studio Toei Animation


Distributor Disney
Original Channel TV Asahi

Disney Channel (USA) Family Channel (Canada)

Original Run April 2014 - Ongoing

The series genres are Fantasy, Comedy, Drama, Adventure, and Action.


Long ago gargoyles were real creatures that lived in castles and protected people from.  One clan that lived in a castle in scotland were betrayed by those they had trusted and soon mysteriously dissappeared as if done by magic.  In modern day New York, Rookie Detective Elisa Maza is investigating some mysterious happenings at the home of billionare David Xanatos, who happens to live in a castle on top of a huge sky scraper, when she comes a cross a real gargoyle named Goliath, who despertly needs her help to escape, and so the adventures begin.


Main Characters


Goliath is the leader of the Manhattan Clan and the male protagonist of the series. He is strong, brave, serious, and has been called the greatest warrior alive. He is also intelligent and has a short temper but has a firm sense of morality. He is also curious and amazed by the modern day and its technology. He has a love for reading and literature and is often reading when he is busy with something. He is the first of his clan to rewaken in the modern and is hinted to have feelings for Elisa.

Elisa Maza

Elisa is a rookie detective of the Manhattan Police and the Female protagonist of the series.  She is tall, athletic, quick witted, and impulsive but she can hold her own against any enemy or adversary.  She is also a quick thinker and knows not to judge a book by its cover and will always accept the beauty within no matter what.  She is down to earth and can be sceptical of certain things before seeing them with her own eyes.  She is also a kind hearted and strong person who tends to put the needs of others before herself.  She does have her flaws though; she can be very stubbern at times and acted selfishly when it came to telling her friends and family about the gargoyles because she wanted to keep them to herself.  She is hinted to have feelings for Goliath and some magical powers as well.

David Xanatos


The Manhattan Clan






Residents of Castle Wyvern 954-994

Princess Katharine

She was the leader of Castle Wyvern during the 990s and was at first prejudiced against the clan. But after they saved her life from vikings, she vowed to them that she would protect the clans' unhatched eggs.  She had a younger sister named Elena.

Princess Elena

Princess Katharine's younger sister who had magical powers and liked the gargloyles that lived in the castle.  She was known for being kind and was said to have a unrequited crush on Goliath which he never knew about.  She was trainded on how to use her magic by the Magus and disappeared around the same time the gargoyles were turned to stone permently.

The Magus

Tom the Guardian


The Captain of the Guard

Katherine's parents

Prince Malcolm
Princess Elena

The Third Race/Oberon's Children

Residents of New York

Other Characters


The series is being produced by Disney and animated by Toei Animation.

The series will first premier on US television in April.  The show will premier in US at the same time as the american release of Magical Keeper Jessica! .




  • The first new gargoyles TV series in 17 years.

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