Gâteau Ichigo (ガトーいちご Gatō Ichigo) is the main protagonist of Ama-sa Obarodo! She can transform into the Lovely Witch (ラブリー魔女 Raburī Majo).

She is French and Japanese, so she mixes her dialect often. 




Ichigo has brown hair and brown eyes with pale skin.

she wears a white dress with pastel multicolored poka dots, a red cardigan and brown sandles. She is either wearing a red or white bow in her hair. In the autumn/winter she wears a red dress, black stockings, black boots, a grey jacket, a red or white bow and her scarf is red and her gloves are white.

At school in the spring/summer she wears a white dress shirt, a light purple vest with the school crest on the left side of the vest, a dark purple bow, a dark blue skirt, white ankle socks and black shoes. In autumn/einter, her outfit consits of a long sleeved white dress shirt, a light purple jacket with the school crest on he left side of the jacket, a dark purple bow, dark blue skirt, grey stockings and black shoes.

Her sleepwear consists of a white t-shirt, red pyjama pants with white pokadots and white slippers. As a bridesmaid, she wore a peach cupcake dress, white pumps and a white bow

In each outfit her transformation ring adorns her right ring finger.





The Lovely WitchEdit


As the Lovely Witch, her hair turns pink but her eyes are brown. She wears a red hat with a white ribbon around it. She wears a red dress with a white ribbon with a large white bow at the back. She wears black socks that go past her knees, red shoes with ankle straps. A red chocker adorns her neck, she wears white earrings and has white gloves. 


As Lovely Witch, she can preform simple magical tasks, but as the series progresses,


  • Ichigo is voiced by Shimamura Yu who voices Haruka from Go! Princess Pretty Cure



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