"Emerald Power, Knight Up!"
―Fuuma Joushirou, Bishounen Senshi Crystal Knights
Fuuma Joushirou
風魔条詩郎 Fūma Jōshirō
Emerald Knight
SeasonBishounen Senshi Crystal Knights
Eye ColorEmerald Green
Hair ColorBrown
Home PlaceEarth
RelativesUnnamed mother (deceased)

Unnamed father (deceased)

First AppearanceAct 09: Joushirou ~ Emerald Knight
Alter EgoEmerald Knight
Theme ColorGreen
Fuuma Joushirou (風魔条詩郎 Fūma Jōshirō?) is the fourth protagonist of Bishounen Senshi Crystal Knights. He is the civilian form of the main Crystal Knights, Emerald Knight nicknamed "Joey". Joushirou is introduced as a tall young man who lost his parents during a young age. He has a strong sense of justice and is a very skilled chef and is a very compassionate person outside his tough exterior. As the Emerald Knight, Joushirou's gemstone is the green emerald and channels the power of wind. His theme color is green.



Civilian AppearanceEdit

Crystal Knight AppearanceEdit




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