Fuchigami Rin
Fuchigami rin
Basic Information
Gender Female
Age 17
Birthday June 11th
Eye Color Magenta
Hair Color Orange
Family TBA...
Seiyuu Takagaki Ayahi
Idol Info
Name Rhapsody Rose
Image Songs Rhapsody ~Heart's Hope~
Unit Lyria Starlight
Theme Color Pink
Fuchigami Rin (渕上凛?) is one of the main protagonists of Vocal❤Hearts. Rin is a very famous idol who recruits Hibiki to go overseas with her to perform. She is extremely kind and generous, giving money to the poorest of people and often holds charity concerts. However, she can also be quite guliable and often panics at the smallest of things, like a fly. Her idol alter ego is Rhapsody Rose (ラプソディローズ?) and her color is pink.

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