Friendly Face-Off
(Furendorī Feisu Ofu)
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Original Rununknown
Opening SongDestiny Spin
Ending SongTeardrops

Friendly Face-Off (フレンドリーフェイスオフ Furendorī Feisu Ofu) is a magical girl series, and the third one produced by Cure Alumi. This series focuses on four sisters who are forced to fight each other due to a curse.


On the morning of April 19, 2015, a logo for a supposed new series was leaked. The author claimed that it was the first leak for a new series that was going to air in the future, which "will take magical girls' [fighting powers] to a new level. They won't be fighting an enemy, but each other."

The same day, the plot and magical girl line-up was revealed, along with the opening and ending song titles, although an artist for the songs was still unclear.


A long time ago, four magical girls, dubbing themselves as the Sisterly Ensemble tried to fight an evil spirit who wanted to control the Earth. Neither side won; the spirit would never fully takeover the Earth, but the Sisterly Ensemble never removed it. That was when the curse of the Sisterly Ensemble popped in. The curse would affect the girls of two generations later, which happens to be another group of four girls of the Fukui family. Now, instead of fighting for the world, they have to fight for their lives --- against each other.


Magical GirlsEdit

Fukui Ayame (福井菖蒲 Fukui Ayame)/Friendly Iris (フレンドリーアイリス Furendorī Airisu)
Ayame is the most optimistic of the sisters. She looks to the future as being a fun, happy one. Although she appears to be a clumsy girl, she actually is one of the most intelligent students at her school. She also has her career planned out, being to become a preschool teacher. She represents plants when transformed.

Fukui Tomomi (福井智美 Fukui Tomomi)/Friendly Carnelian (フレンドリーカーネリアン Furendorī Kānerian)
Tomomi is the most intelligent of the sisters. She is good at making carefully laid out plans and carries them on as much as possible. Most of the time, she is relaxing in bed, often to read a book, or swimming in the backyard swimming pool. Not to mention, she has a very sweet tooth. She represents gemstones when transformed.

Fukui Shiori (福井栞 Fukui Shiori)/Friendly Chartreuse (フレンドリーシャルトルーズ Furendorī Sharutorūzu)

Fukui Miho (福井美保 Fukui Miho)/Friendly Jonquil (フレンドリージョンキル Furendorī Jonkiru)







Staff and CastEdit






  • ??? as Fukui Ayame/Friendly Iris
  • ??? as Fukui Tomomi/Friendly Carnelian
  • ??? as Fukui Shiori/Friendly Chartreuse
  • ??? as Fukui Miho/Friendly Jonquil



  • It is believed to be one of the darkest magical girl anime, its nearest competitor being Puella Magi Madoka Magica.
  • A rumored sequel, dubbed as Promise, would focus more on the evil spirit being fought against.

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