Is the 4kidsTV adaption of the Anime - in - Anime called Magical Flowers.

Summary Edit

The series revolves around the friendly and flower loving 11 year old Lily Meadows who has just moved to her new hometown of Willow Brooke where she meets her new best friends, the rich and popular Brooklyn Grove, the athlete Amanda Green and the shy and gentle sketch artist Amy Lu.

They're now on a mission as the magical girls, the Flower Force by a small garden sprite named Bud gives them their special flower powers in order to stop the evil villain known as Wilt and find the fifth mysterious flower force member Mystery Rose.

Episodes Edit

  • Episode 01 - The first sprouting!
  • Episode 02 - Flowers and friendships!
  • Episode 03 - A strange dream!
  • Episode 04 - Messages from the mysterious rose!
  • Episode 05

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