Floretta Pretty Cure!
General Information
DirectorChinatsu Kiseki
StudioKiseki ▪ Miracle ▪ Studios
NetworkKiseki ▪ Miracle ▪ Network
Original Run10th February 2018 - ???
Series Info
Opening SongBloom! Floretta Pretty Cure!
Ending SongFloral Emotion

Floretta Pretty Cure! (フロレッタプリキュア! Furorettapurikyua!?) is the 1st series of the Floretta Pretty Cure! Series created by Chinatsu Kiseki. The series motifs are flowers, rainbows and emotions.

Plot Edit

Official Edit

Iris Edit

HI! I'm Hanayama Iris, a 2nd year student at Tri-bloom Academy. I'm a klutz but I'm epic at art and other creative stuff. However, one day I met the flower fairy Phlox who explains that she is searching for the Pretty Cure to save Floratina before it is destroyed! And it also turns out that I'm also one of them: Cure Romatin, the green flower of creativity! So epic!

Characters Edit

Pretty Cure Edit

Hanayama Iris (花山アイリス Hanayama Airisu?) / Template:TextColor (キュアロマティン Kyuaromatin?)
The lead cure and the first to transform. Iris is a klutz but very good at art and other creative stuff. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Romatin, the flower of the emotion of creativity whose theme colour is green. She utilizes the power of light and hope

Mikan'boshi Alani (みかん星アラニ Mikan-boshi arāni?) / Template:TextColor (キュアアロエ Kyuaaroe?)
The second to transform. Alani is originally from Hawaii and moved to Hanakanjō after her father got a new job there. She is also Iris' childhood friend and very elegant but also musically talented. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Aloe, the flower of the emotion of fascination whose theme colour is orange. She utilizes the power of stars and miracles.

Aozora Mizu (青空水 Aozora mizu?) / Template:TextColor (キュアミルティユ Kyuamirutiyu?)
The third to transform. Mizu is a sporty 3rd year student who fails in her studies but makes up for it by excelling in sports. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Myrtille, the flower of the emotion of trust whose theme colour is blue. She utilizes the power of water and wishes.

Harukaze Sakura (春風さくら Harukaza sakura?) / Template:TextColor (キュアプリマベーラ Kyuapurimabēra?)
The fourth to transform. Even though Sakura is very shy, she displays a mature sense of passion and determination to get things done. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Primavera, the flower of the emotion of kindness whose theme colour is pink. She utilizes the power of flowers and dreams.

Floratina Edit

Phlox (プロクース Purokūsu?)
The main fairy of the season. She is a small flower fairy who has been tasked to find the legendary Pretty Cure by Tulip, the princess of Floratina.

Antagonists Edit

Cure Ciara (キュアセアラ Kyuashiara?)
The main antagonist of the series. Cure Ciara is a heartless Pretty Cure who is full of despair.
Noir (ノワール Nowāru?)
The first to attack the Pretty Cure. Noir acts an older sister to Ciara but Ciara claims that she does not need looking after.

Blanko (ブランコ Buranko?)
The second to attack the Pretty Cure. He is negative about everything.

Supporting Characters Edit

Items Edit

Locations Edit

  • Hanakanjō (花感情 Hanakanjō?)
    The main setting of the series and the hometown of the Pretty Cure.
  • Tri-Bloom Academy (トライブルームアカデミー Toraiburūmuakademī?)
    The school the Pretty Cure attend. The school also consists of a student council as well as several clubs for students to participate in. The headmistress is Amano Makoto.
  • Hanakanjō Sports Centre (花感情スポーツセンター Hanakanjōsupōtsusentā?)
    The sports centre where Mizu trains for upcoming matches and races (for example Swimming Races).
  • 'Floratina (フロラティナ Furoratina?)
    The homeworld of Phlox. The kingdom's current princess is Tulip.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first ever Pretty Cure series where the main antagonist is a Pretty Cure

Media Edit

Episodes Edit

When Floretta Pretty Cure! was announced and the page was created, Kiseki leaked that there was to be 52 episodes of the season. However, this has not been fully confirmed.

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