Fiona Davis
Age 12
Gender Female
Race Human/Magical Girl
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Purple
Personal Status
Occupation Magical Girl
VA (English) Tara Strong

Fiona Davis is a member of The All-Star Magic Girls.


Energetic, smiling, and full of grace, Fiona is popular with everyone. She is very helpful and whenever someone is in trouble or feels depressed, she cannot help but get involved. She is positive no matter what happens, and can overcome almost anything. She is pretty much interested in fashion and admires it, but her own sense of fashion is rather numb.

She does have some insecurities when it comes to helping others. She is sometimes afraid that her tendency to help others comes off as selfish and that she only does so to get compliments from everyone, even though friends assure that she does so to help make others happy. She can also be clumsy at times.


Fiona has red hair and purple eyes. Her normal outfit consists of a dark pink tunic over a purple blouse with white spots and purple leggings and dark pink ballet flats.







Foreign NamesEdit

  • Japanese: フィオナ・デイビス (Fiona Deibisu)
  • Chinese: 菲奥娜·戴维斯 (Fēi ào Nà·Dài Wéi Sī)
  • Thai: ฟิโอน่าเดวิส (Fi Xo ǹā De Wis̄)
  • Macedonian: Фиона Дејвис (Fiona Dejvis)
  • Marathi: प्रोफेसर डेव्हिस (Prōphēsara ḍēvhisa)
  • Korean: 피오나 데이비스 (Piona Deibiseu)
  • Mongolian: Фиона Дэвис (Fiona Devis)
  • Serbian: фиона Дејвис (Fiona Dejvis)
  • Telugu: ఫియోనా డేవిస్ (Phiyōnā ḍēvis)
  • Nepali: फिओना डेविस (Phi'ōnā ḍēvisa)
  • Belarusian: Фіёна Дэвіс (Fijona Devis)
  • Arabic: فيونا ديفيس (Fyuna Difis)



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