Fight! Kotori-Tank!
(Tatakae! Kotori Tanku!)
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Original RunJanuary 16, 2016 - April 30, 2016
Opening SongCinderella★Star
Ending SongWind-Up Future

Fight! Kotori-Tank! (戦え!ことりタンク! Tatakae! Kotori Tanku!) is a magical/machine girl (advertised as "Battle Girl") series created by Cure Alumi.


A few years ago, a little girl bought a bow, but it was not an ordinary purchase, as one would normally expect. The MakiFuku company dubbed the bow as the Lucky Fresh Bow, created to where only one was to bestow incredible power to its customer. The little girl happened to be that customer. Plagued with sleepless nights with nightmares involving aliens and destruction, there was nothing she could do about it. That is, until now.
Now in high school, Sakamoto Amaya still keeps this bow dear to her, despite the pressure put onto her. Her dreams have ended long ago, although they seem to become reality. It is not long until one last dream comes to her: press the bow and shout "Ready! Initiate Change!" When she finally stumbles across the aliens from her childhood dreams, she finally stands up and performs the action.
And with that action, the battle girl Kotori-Tank is born. With a "Target Lock-On!", she is prepared to defend her ground.



Sakamoto Amaya (坂本雨夜 Sakamoto Amaya)
Amaya is, to put it brief, not much of fighting material. She often panics over even the smallest of situations and takes all of it too seriously. She ends up becoming a bit too pessimistic as a result, and feels unsure of herself most of the time. Sometimes she can easily be mistaken for a tomboy, based on her clothing choice, but she happens to be a lot more girly than people think. She doesn't mind if she grabs people's attention, even if not intended, and can be much of an extrovert. She has the ability to transform into the battle girl Kotori-Tank (ことりタンク Kotori Tanku).


The antagonist group, the Millennium Knights (千年騎士 Chitose kishi), are four human-like aliens who have the ability to grow in size, at their own will, up to 20 feet. Because of their size, all four prove as a great threat to Earth, and plan to turn it into a "heaven" for their race, after previous attempts have resulted in failure. They consist of the following:

  • Ryuga (リュガ Ryuga), the self-proclaimed leader who isn't afraid to make the first move.
  • Stella (ステラ Sutera), the strategist who happens to be a little worried about her abilities.
  • Andro (アンドロ Andoro), the most silent of the group, but can make surprise attacks with ease.
  • Aurora (オーロラ Ōrora), the protector who can produce a protective aura under certain circumstances.


Kousaka Nobuo (高坂信夫 Kōsaka Nobuo)
A nerdy boy who seems to have caught the attention of only Amaya.

Yashima Seiya (八嶋星矢 Yashima Seiya)
The current president of MakiFuku and the co-creator of the Lucky Fresh Bow.


Lucky Fresh Bow (ラッキーフレッシュボー Rakkī Furesshu Bō)
The name of the bow, created by the accessories company MakiFuku, that Amaya had bought when younger. Though many were sold, only one bestowed incredible power, hence the name. As that lucky customer, Amaya simply can press her fingers onto the middle of the bow and use the phrase "Ready! Initiate Change!" to transform.


Amanogawa (天ノ川 Amanogawa)
A city in Japan where Amaya lives and the center of the series. Its space-related name caught the attention of the antagonists, leading them to believe this could be their chance to make room for them to settle.

Amanogawa District High School (天ノ川地区高校 Amanogawa Chiku Kōkō)
The official high school of Amanogawa and where Amaya attends as a 2nd year.

MakiFuku (まきふく MakiFuku)
An accessories store located in several places across the district, named after the company of the same name. This is where Amaya first bought the Lucky Fresh Bow when she was little. It is said that the people who run it created the bow for a reason.


001: Begin Training: Kotori-Tank's Debut! (訓練を開始:ことりタンクのデビュー! Kunren o kaishi: Kotori Tanku no debyū!)
Released: January 16, 2016
Ever since she was a toddler, Sakamoto Amaya has kept a bow dear to her. Suddenly, she has nightmares of a group attacking the Earth! Though at first dismissed as childhood dreams, when a new dream tells her to shout a phrase, she finds out the truth.

002: This Should Not Be a Secret (これは秘密されるべきでない Kore wa himitsu sa rerubekidenai)
Released: January 23, 2016
Concerned about her newly found abilities, Amaya decides that she should alert her family and friends about it. If only she doesn't overreact to the dilemma, everything could turn out just fine, right? That's when no one wants to believe her.

003: Delusional Relaxation (妄想リラクゼーション Mōsō rirakuzēshon)
Released: January 30, 2016
School is finally being released for spring break, and among all others, Amaya is looking forward to it most. There isn't any way that, with no trips planned, the long break will not be relaxing at all! At least, that's what is hoped for.

004: Boy Meets Tank (少年はタンクを満たし Shōnen wa tanku o mitashi)
The figure-collecting nerd Kousaka Nobuo has a love interest. He can't seem to take that seriously, and tries to discover who his lover is. Amaya, the lover, is extremely anxious, especially when the aliens are about to attack Nobuo in front of her!

005: Are They The Same? (彼らは同じですか? Karera wa onaji desu ka?)
Following up from the previous episode, Nobuo realizes that Kotori-Tank has a resemblance to Amaya, and decides to investigate. This means spying on her until she actually transforms. How long will that even take?!

006: That Unfortunate Shot (その不幸なショット Sono fukōna shotto)
The aliens are finally catching onto Kotori-Tank's attack gimmicks. Thus, they create the illusion that she is shooting at the right spot but ends up missing. Unfortunately, no one believes it was the enemy's fault for causing the destruction...

007: Baby Sister Aria! (幼い妹アリア! Osanai imōto Aria!)
Asuka and Arata are worried about Amaya's social status, and decide to adopt a little girl to get her more involved. Amaya, needless to say, is a bit surprised at first, but learns to enjoy baby Aria. That is, until Aria tries to play with the Lucky Fresh Bow.

008: The Mysterious Woman's Wish (神秘的な女性の願い Shinpi-tekina josei no negai)
While revisiting the store she bought her bow from, Amaya comes across a staff member who had talked to her when she first bought it. From what she heard in conversation, she is shocked to find out that the lady wishes to find that one lucky person.

009: The Truth is... (真実はされ... Shinjitsu wa sa re...)

Episodes 10-12 are unconfirmed.

013: MakiFuku (まきふく MakiFuku)

014: Unleashed Secrets (解き放た秘密 Tokihanata himitsu)

015: The Battle of Kotori-Tank vs Ryuga! (ことりタンク対リュガのバトル! Kotori Tanku tai Ryuga no batoru!)

016: Mission Closed: Cheering On Victory! (任務完了:勝利に応援! Ninmu kanryō: Shōri ni ōen!)



Initial response to the series was met with positive feedback.


The series is currently rated 7.4 out of 10.


  • Though advertised as a magical girl series, the audience was not convinced that it was such until the first episode aired.
  • The names "Amanogawa" and "Lucky Fresh Bow" are both references to the Pretty Cure series (Go! Princess Pretty Cure and Fresh Pretty Cure! respectively.)
  • According to the authors of both series, there will be a crossover OVA between Fight! Kotori-Tank! and Magical Ghost Kokoa.
  • Coincidentally, the series will end on Amaya's birthday (April 30).
  • The series is responsible for creating the Battle Girl genre of anime.


Staff & Cast



  • Seiji Kishi (tba episodes)





  • Asuka Nishi as Amaya Sakamoto/Kotori-Tank
  • tba as Ryuga
  • tba as Stella
  • Atsushi Abe as Andro
  • tba as Aurora
  • Tsubasa Yonaga as Nobuo Kousaka
  • Reiko Kiuchi as Seiya Yashima
  • tba as Asuka Sakamoto
  • tba as Arata Sakamoto
  • tba as Aria Sakamoto

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