Fern Wong
Age 12
Gender Female
Race Human

Magical Girl

Hair Color Purple
Eye Color Blue
Personal Status
Occupation Magical Girl
VA (English) Tish Hicks

Fern Wong is a member of The All-Star Magic Girls.


Fern is extremely energetic and can sometimes be a bit impatient or even lazy. She is also very nosy and will not ignore shy people, and always says exactly what is on her mind. Because of this, she might give out a selfish and mean attitude to calmer people, but other times, a very mature and understanding side of her is shown.


Fern has purple hair and blue eyes. Her normal outfit consists of a dark purple dress with light purple sleeves and purple flowers painted around the skirt. She also wears gray shoes and short purple socks.






Foreign NamesEdit

  • Japanese: ファーン・ウォン (Fān U~on)
  • Chinese: 黄蕨 (Huáng Jué)
  • Thai: เฟิร์นวงศ์ (Feir̒n Wngṣ̄̒)
  • Macedonian: папрат Вонг (Paprat Vong)
  • Marathi: फर्न वाँग (Pharna Vām̐ga)
  • Korean: 펀 웡 (Peon Wong)
  • Mongolian: оймын Вонг (Oimyn Vong)
  • Bengali: ফার্ন ওং (Phārna ōṁ)
  • Telugu: ఫెర్న్ వాంగ్ (Phern Vāṅg)
  • Sinhala: මීවන වොං (Mīvana Voṁ)
  • Serbian: папрат Вонг (Paprat Vong)
  • Nepali: फर्न वाँग (Pharna Vām̐ga)
  • Belarusian: папараць Вонг (Paparać Vonh)
  • Arabic: السرخس وونغ (Alssarkhus Wuanagh)



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