FeatherSky PreCure
(FezāSukai Purikyua)

Izumi Todo

StudioToei Animation
Original Run2017 - Ongoing
EpisodesChapters: Ongoing
FeatherSky PreCure (フェザースカイプリキュア FezāSukai Purikyua?) better known as FeatherSky Pretty Cure is a Japanese magical boy/girl Pretty Cure manga series created by CureKurogane based on the Pretty Cure series developed by Izumi Todo of Toei Animation. The series main themes are birds and elements and the series will have two FeatherSky teams.



Pretty CuresEdit

  • Takazaki Yousuke (高崎洋輔 Takazaki Yōsuke?) / Cure Hawk (キュアホーク Kyua Hōku?) - The main protagonist of the series. His Feather Symbol is the Red-Tailed Hawk and his element is fire.
  • Hatono Yumoto (鳩野有基 Hatono Yumoto?)Cure Paloma (キュアパロマ Kyua Paroma?) - The second Cure of the team. His Feather Symbol is the White Dove and his element is light.
  • Washise Kakeru (鳩野有基 Washise Kakeru?) / Cure Eagle (キュアイーグル Kyua Īguru?) - The third Cure of the team. His Feather Symbol is the Bald Eagle and his element is electricity.
  • Misago Zenshin (鶚善神 Misago Zenshin?) / Cure Squall (キュアスコール Kyua Sukōru?) - The fourth member of the team. His Feather Symbol is the Osprey and his element is wind.
  • Tsubameya Junichirou (燕屋純一郎 Tsubameya Jun'ichirō?) / Cure Marlin (キュアマーリン Kyua Mārin?) - The fifth and last member of the team. His Feather Symbol is the Arctic Tern and his element is water.

Kingdom of NirvanaEdit

  • Tweet (ツイート Tsuīto?) - A bird fairy. She was sent by the King and Queen of Nirvana to find the Pretty Cure.
  • Drago (ドラゴ Dorago?) - A dragon fairy. He is from the Kingdom of Embro that was attacked years before.


Minor CharactersEdit





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