Fairy Chronicles
('Fearī Kuronikiru')
StudioToei Animation
NetworkTV Tokyo
Original RunJune 27, 2016
Opening SongMagical Heart Magic!
Ending SongShining Smile

Fairy Chronicles is a fan series made by MikuHatsune145. Its themes are fairies, magic and friendship.


Faye Summers and Fawn Summers are too close sisters who has always been interested by fairies, these creatures always caught their intentions. They lived a normal life, going to school and hang out with friends until something unusual happened: their hair started to grow longer and to change color, their eye color changed and they now has a pink butterfly mark on their left arm. Then they discovered that their mother was born a fairy and met their father andu then made birth to them, they were born as fairies but Poppy (their mother) used a powerful spell to hide their nature. Now, they are studying fairy magic at the Fairy College of the Vale of Rainbows, with their new friends, they will learn how to use their magic talents.


  • Colors: Pale/Bright Pink
  • Fairy Mark: Pink Butterfly
  • Fairy Type: Flower Fairy

Faye is fascinated by fairies, she loves flowers and gardening which is why her fairy talent is doing plant magic, she works hard to become a powerful fairy and to graduate of the Fairy School like her mother did. She helps Fawn with her powers and they both wants to polish their magic abilities, aside of that they love eating fruit cakes and drinking flower tea. She loves reading books, eating cakes and being with her new friends who helps her into her daily mission to achieve her Fairy transformations. She has difficulty being used to fly but learned really fast how to control her flying abilities along with Fawn. Faye always has an affinity for flowers and that is no surprise to her mother that she's a flower fairy. Same if she struggles a lot with her magic studies, her daily life as a fairy and every other thing which comes with it, she will show all her bravery and will pass trough anything which can block her path of becoming a powerful Fairy. Always fascinated by the world of fairies, she will now have the chance to know more about them.

  • Colors: Pale Pink/Pale Yellow
  • Fairy Mark: Pink/Yellow Butterfly
  • Fairy Type: Animal Fairy

Fawn is Faye's little sister, she always loved animals and loves taking care of them, that's why she's an animal talented fairy and has powers over animals. She loves reading books about fairies and she works hard at the Fairy College with Faye, she flies the best she can but has difficulties controlling her flying abilities. She is very invested in her magic studies and wants to graduate of the school being a powerful fairy, she spends lot of time reading fairy books and is helped by her sister. Talking to animals is her speciality as she can translate what animals says to her friends, she can also control animals and can understand them.

  • Colors: Blue/Dark Blue
  • Fairy Mark: Blue drop
  • Fairy Type: Mermaid Fairy

Nixie is a water fairy and she loves swimming, she's the leader of the Waterball team and is known for her speed swimming and her water based abilities. She's very friendly and kind and is always ready to help out, she always comfort her friends when they look sad and loves doing ice creams. She always loved collecting corals, seashells and loves playing with fishes. She's a good student and it is her second year at the Fairy College.

  • Colors: Pale/Bright Green
  • Fairy Mark: Green lily flower
  • Fairy Type: Earth Fairy

Lily is an Earth Fairy, she's a very powerful fairy being in her last second year, she is very friendly and kind, she is very smart and is a true strategist. Her calmness and her way of always relaxing makes everyone keeps a cool head in hard situations. She's always ready to help and loves reading, she studies a lot and always has good results.

  • Colors: Bright Orange/Yellow
  • Fairy Mark: Orange Sun
  • Fairy Type: Light Fairy

Twinkles is a fizzy, kind and surexcited girl, she's a light fairy and she also loves fashion, she loves cakes and is very passioned by fashion. Her flower dresses and accessories made her very popular, but she is a good student and aims to be a powerful fairy. Twinkles is very friendly and cute, her personality always makes people comfortable around her and when her friends are sad, she makes them laugh so they can be happy again.

  • Colors: Pale/Bright Purple
  • Fairy Mark: Purple Crescent Moon
  • Fairy Type: Wind Fairy

Silvermist is a wind and lightning fairy, unlike violent winds, she's calm and sweet, her friendly and calm behavior makes her different than the other wind fairies who are a bit like violent winds. She's a very good student and she is in the debut of her third year, she also aims to be a poweful fairy and knows a lot about magic.


Vale of Rainbows

Where the fairies lives, it is surrounded by big flowers that acts as houses for fairies, there is a big tree with fairy dust coming from it, which is the castle of the two Fairy Queens. There is a hidden place which conserves the Twilight Stone which is a stone that draws its magic from the Moon and the Sun. This is where our fairies lives.

Fairy College

A school for fairies, the school is actually a big tree and its interior serves as the school, the fairy years are from one to six year and they study all kind of magic, how to fly, to use their wands and their books. They also learn how to control their fairy animals and fairies who graduates from that school are known to or achieve all their transformations and become powerful fairies or to become part of the Royal Magic Community (or RMC).


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