EXELERON: ~Race To The Final Horizon~ (エックセルレロン: ~最終的な地平線への競争~, Ekkuseruron: Saishu-Tekina Chiheisen E No Kyoso), which is as of this moment, tempirarily being called the RETRO Sprinting Project (レトロなスプリントプロジェクト, Retorona Supurintopurojekuto) is a completely original Supernatural Sports/Action Fantasy anime production which was conceptualized and produced by RETRO. The base concept of the series is rooted in competitive sprinting and contests of athletes challenging one another in various different forms of olympic sprinting and general high speed foot racing, aggrandized and elevated to insane levels. As of right now the project is officialy in the earliest and most basic of development stages, hence the use of its temporary title as the RETRO Sprinting Project.



Story OverviewEdit

Naomi Matsuda lives in a world where speed is everything. A world where certain members of the human population have been born gifted with speed. Speed unlike that of any other. Speed which exceeds that of any man-made marvel and icon of modern engineering. Living, breathing, brilliant superhuman speedsters who can travel hundreds, thousands of meters in mere seconds. These people are known under one coveted and highly respected name; Talaria. The Talaria are people with a bottomless thirst for victory, junkies addicted to adrenaline, the thrill of a challenge and an endless hunger to prove themselves as the fastest alive. Naomi was born one of these people. And it was at a young age that Naomi decided that she would never be beaten by anyone in a race, for it is her passion for the act of running alone which overshadows that of any other person born with the gift of speed in human history. No matter what, she would become the fastest Talaria ever to exist, to attain fame and fortune beyond any other person, to be acknowledged by all mankind, and she will continue to run, chasing after her dream until everyone else can do nothing but stare her back in efforts to try and catch up with her in her dream of becoming the fastest thing alive.






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