A member of Magic.Com Pretty Cure .  Her online name is MissSmart1234 and her cure identity is Cure August. 

Eve Duke
Cure August
Kanji イヴデューク
Age 19
Gender Female
Race Human
Hair Color Dirty Blonde (Eve Duke)

Light Blonde (Cure August) Reddish Brown (MissSmart1234)

Eye Color Grey (Eve Duke)

Red (Cure August) Yellow (MissSmart1234)

Personal Status
Relatives Mother

Father Younger Brother

Occupation Private School Student




She is an elegant, smart, and beautiful but romantic and social 17 year old girl.  She loves nonfiction books, crime shows, romance movies, and super natural movies and tv shows. Her favorite movie is Gone Girl. Her favorite animal is a horse.  Her favorite TV show is the Good Wife.  Her favorite music is country music.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Her theme color is green.  Her powers are earth and air and she is a sword type player as a pretty cure. She shows an excellent ability with a sword in battle.  She acts as the brains of Magic.Com Pretty Cure when in battle and is still not sure if she is up to being a moderator. 







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