Elemental Girl Ringo!
Original RunMarch 2018
Opening SongWorld Girls!
Ending SongStar Nights! ( EP.01-EP.40)

Year round (EP.40 - EP.50)


The story starts over 10,000 years ago when an evil woman known as Blackless attacked Earth and at the same time four elemental warriors  awoke. The battle lasted for eons until the warriors were victorious and as the centuries passed their powers did too resulting in their powers being passed down in the form of bracelets, 900 years later to the new warriors. 

Unfortunately Blackless has returned . . .


  • Natsuno Ringo / Knight Fire

A 14 year old lover of shogi,manga and flan who lives with her older sisters, Mirai and Kohaku. Ringo dreams of someday being allowed to meet her parents, learn how to draw better and try the best flan in all of Japan. 

Age: 14 yrs

Element: Fire

Alter ego: Knight Fire VA: Sanpei Yuko

  • Mimori Hana / Knight Terra 

14 Year old high schooler who recently moved to town from three towns over. Although Hana is a very gentle and calm, when she gets angry, it is quite scary. She lives with her three little sisters Momoko, Sakura and Sumire in addition to her great aunt Hikari.

Age: 14 yrs

Element: Earth

Alter ego: Knight Terra VA: Hayami Saori

  • Yamaguchi Megumi / Knight Bubble

Bashful and quiet 14 year old older identical twin of Miku. She is very delicate and sheepish while her younger sister is very hyper and impulsive. She although is the opposite to her twin in personality and way of thinking, she is identical in appearence except that her eyes are different color and choice of food, being Takoyaki and Yakitori.

Age: 14 yrs

Element: Water

Alter ego: Knight Bubble VA: Fujita Saki 

  • Yamaguchi Miku / Knight Wave 

Miku is the 14 year old younger twin of Megumi who is very hot-headed and aggresive in addition to being very inpulsive, hyper and optimistic. Her favourite food is rice, beefbowl and omurice which she although loves, rarely eats unless it's her lunch. She commonly uses english words or phrases when speaking.

Age: 14 yrs

Element: Water

Alter ego: Knight Wave VA: Asami Tano

  • Fuyuki Yu / Knight Zephyr

An 18 year old senior in high school. For an unknown reason she became blind when she was just 2 years old and because of it she mainly uses her ears and hands to move around in addition to being teased most of her childhood, despite all that she somehow knows exactly whats happening around her. She is aloof and cold but hopes of finding friends who can look pass her lack of eyesight.

Age: 18 yrs

Element: Air

Alter ego: Knight Zephyr VA: Sasaki Mikoi



Main location where the story takes place. The town is divided into four districts, which are:

  • Akiki 
  • Harumichi
  • Natsuyama
  • Fuyuno
    • The train of the Akiki District is red.
    • The Harumichi train is orange.
    • The Natsuyama train is green.
    • The Fuyuno train is white.

Ooka Middle school Edit

Elite institution the main characters attend. Main transportation is train and each of the four districts have their own train. The uniform is white, lavender and pale green.

  • Ringo and Hana are in class 2-1
  • Miku and Megumi are placed in class 2-2
  • Yu is in class 5-1

Elemental ArmsEdit

  • Fire Blade - Knight Flame's signature weapon. A red, orage, yellow and white katana with a flaming blade. Her main attack is Rouge de Feu!
  • Terra Wall - Knight Terra's signature weapon. A light green and white shield. Her main attack is Vert Bouclier!
  • Aqua Points - Knight Bubble and Wave's signature weapons. Two light blue and white lances. Their main attack is Soeur Maree!
  • Zephyr Scythe - Knight Zephyr's signature weapon. A silver and white scythe. Her main attack is Venteux Silencieux!


Little Apple - Sanpei Yuko

Left Drop - Fujita Saki

Right Stream - Asami Tano

Tsumetai Kaze - Sasaki Mikoi 

Morning Sprout & Bud - Hayami Saori

Souls and Hearts - Fujita Saki & Asami Tano


(Para - Dice - Ya)

A magical item the team recieves after their arms were merged. It gives them Earth Form and allows them to perform Grand Paradise Orage. They are lastly given the ability to perform their own attacks.

  • Knight Flame performs Du feu Lanterne !
  • Knight Terra performs Terra Ouragan !
  • Knights Bubble and Wave perform Soeur Typhon !
  • Knight Zephyr performs Gris Deces !


Main antagonist of the series. She has a civilian identity is known as Kurono Chouko in addition to being able to swith from form to the other at will. She switches forms by saying "Unlock, Change !"

VA: Watanabe Misa

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